3 Important Things To Know About League Of Legends Patch 9.11

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The new patch is here and Riot has brought a good amount of buffs and nerfs.
The new patch is here and Riot has brought a good amount of buffs and nerfs. Riot Games

The long-awaited patch 9.11 has finally arrived in League of Legends. Considering it is the first patch since mid-season, players should have only expected a few changes. Most of the update’s adjustments are merely buffs and nerfs, but their existence can still bring a significant impact on some of the game’s champions.

Fortunately, though, a few of these characters received buffs from the patch. From decreased damage to increased cooldowns, the new update is really pushing some noteworthy changes. In this article, we have rounded up three of the most important things players like you should know about the new patch.

#1. The Old Zac Is Back Somehow

Everyone can agree that Zac’s rework in 2017 was not impressive. The developers wanted to make League of Legend’s best green bob into a CC-based tank, but the idea did not pan out. Still, his new state in the game (before the patch arrived) was not really interesting. In an attempt to bring essence to Zac’s role, Riot Games is reverting his W, allowing him to make percentage health damage once again. The change also applies to the champion’s ultimate. So, in other words, Let’s Bounce is back to its original state, enabling the character to fling again into the back line and just create havoc.

#2. Nerfing Lots of Champions

This is not surprising, though. As with most small patches, Riot loves to nerf heroes and even focuses on some of the biggest outliers in the game. So, if your main is either Akali or Joyce, then this patch will not be your favorite. That is because these two champions are getting nerfed – and we are talking about nasty, significant nerfs here. Karthus also does not escape the nerf radar of Riot. I really thought he was going to escape once again. Remember: The developers did nothing to this champion throughout the entire season. But hey, being a top-tier jungler means you are in for some real changes. Another jungler, Amumu is getting a big nerf to his passive damage, moving from 13 percent down to 10 percent.

#3. It’s Yuumi’s Time

Seriously, it is about time for Riot to make some changes to this champion. If you are like me, you think Yuumi has the advantage when it comes to winning battles (that is why I main her!). I am saddened by the fact that she will not be getting any straight buffs, but it is still a good thing no serious nerfs are coming her way. What the developers did is introduce some quality of life buffs to some of her abilities, while giving a much-needed clarity improvement. If you have played Yuumi, and find yourself frequent losing, then patch 9.11 is going to help you big time.

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