League Of Legends Patch 9.11: Gragas Buffed, Karthus Nerfed

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League of Legends Patch 9.11
League of Legends Patch 9.11 Riot Games

League of Legends released patch 9.11, bringing new changes and balances to the game. Beginning with this patch, Challengers are now able to experience the golden recall animation in unranked queues as well as ranked queues, where they are the Challenger.

For Gragas, the patch increases his base stats, with health increased to 600 and health growth to 95. Attack damage was also upped to 64. These changes help Gragas get durability in the early stages of the game. It also helps the champion’s early clear speed.

Janna also experienced a tweak, with the cooldown of its W-Zephyr scaled and lowered. Base damage was lowered as well. For the E-Eye Of The Storm, a new passive makes each ability that slows or knocks back an enemy champion reduce Eye of the Storm's cooldown by 20%. Cooldown of the skill was lowered with Shield increased.

The change was made as it has been noticed that the champion had the feeling of being a poke mage in the early game rather than being a shielding and peeling support. Hopefully this encourages players to look for more interaction with the other team members.

For Karthus, it was important to nerf him as players continued to utilize him as a jungle cleaner. However, it was his ultimate, and the burst damage it offers, that resulted in the champion being frequently picked. As a result, the damage dealt by R-Requiem has been lowered to 200/50/500 (+0.65 ability power).

Nerfed as well is Master Yi. The champion was originally nerfed back in 9.10. Despite the changes, it wasn’t nearly enough. Under patch 9.11, Master Yi was again nerfed in order to cut back on his attack speed in the early part of the game. Thus, he no longer receives the 8% bonus attack speed at level one. The Q-Alpha Strike skill was changed as well. It now deals 15% attack damage for each additional strike.

Little Demon Tristana
Little Demon Tristana Riot Games

The patch also revealed the final update on the Little Demon Tristana skin along with some chromas.

Complete patch notes can be read here.

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