Zero Hour Update Part Three Patch Notes Include New Co-op Mode, Head Bobbing Changes, And More

Zero Hour Update Part Three
Zero Hour Update Part Three steam

M7 Productions, the developer of tactical first-person shooter game Zero Hour, just released a new update which adds a brand new co-op mode. This mode allows players to either play solo or group up with a team of five players. Each operation will have objectives that make Zero Hour super fun to play with friends. Another major change in this update is the bobbing system. M7 Productions has reduced the effect of head bobbing by 85% so players don’t get dizzy while moving around.

Zero Hour Part Three Update Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

New Co-op Mode

CO-OP mode is a new installment we added where players can play to achieve the experience of SWAT units. This game mode will allow you to play bigger operations that you can either tackle solo or with a team of up to 5. With each operation, you are tasked to complete objectives such as bringing order to chaos. There are more objectives such as rescuing multiple hostages, arresting or neutralizing specific suspects and more which are being added down the line. Suspects may or may not have patrolling routes that are random every session and can interact with the environment to give it a challenge. They can hide under beds, tables and inside closets. They are also capable of taking a hostage and use them as a shield, making it harder for you to engage. Suspects can also surrender based on a few criteria; If a suspect is outnumbered from behind they will always surrender and if you are one on one with a suspect, based on the suspect's fear level, they may or may not surrender.


Difficulty Levels

  • There are two difficulty levels to select from, regular and hardcore. Both difficulty levels come with the same amount of suspects and the same amount of objectives. The only differences exist in the suspect's stats.
    • In regular difficulty, suspects will have larger spreads and slower reaction time. Most suspects will prefer staying in rooms and push less. Their fear level will rise at a faster rate and chances of them surrendering will be a lot higher. They will take more cover and their chances of hiding will be a lot more. A smaller amount of suspects will have flashlight attached to their weapon. Suspects will also have a very small prediction time if their target is not in their sight. Chances of suspects taking hostage is a lot lower.
    • In hardcore difficulty, suspect will have smaller spreads and faster reaction time. Most suspects will think smart and may flank from behind and catch you and your team off guard. They will go through various rooms and check. Most suspects will not back down without a fight and their chances of surrendering upfront is minimal. Suspects will still take cover and may hide but the chances will be rare and randomized. Most suspects will have flashlights attached to their weapon and are more alarmed if lights are turned off. Suspects will be able to predict a target's movement for a longer period of time even when not in sight and their chances of taking a civilian hostage is a lot more.

Arresting Suspects

  • Arresting suspects can be easy when playing as a team and coordinating every move orchestrally but if you go in alone, your chances of arresting is minimal. The arresting system depends on the suspect's fear level and whether or not he is outnumbered. Arresting mostly works when you approach from behind and you and your team have your guns pointed. You can also use flash bangs and it will disorient the suspects and increase the chances of them surrendering.

Getting the Highest score

  • After every completed mission you will be brought to the score menu, where you can see the score of your team's overall performance. Completing all objectives will give you 40 Points and the rest is earned by performing while respecting the "Rules of Engagement". Engaging at a suspect who has not shown any signs of hostility will penalize your score along with triggering traps. Shooting in the lower portion of the suspect's legs will not trigger this penalty and will allow you to give them warning. Also making sure everyone from your team is alive will feed the score.

Stealth Approach

  • It is possible to take stealthy approach to all missions but based on the difficulty selected and the layout of the map it can be easier or harder. You can take cover behind objects and as long as your head is not in their sight you will be able to sneak passed them. This approach can be made a lot easier with all lights being turned off but do note this will also make them more alarmed of the situation and will shoot you on sight. Their vision will be affected but based on whether they have flashlights or not this effect can be minimal.

Gameplay Changes

Head bobbing and Weapon Sway
We have decided to change the overall head bobbing system. We understand its a feature that can cause dizziness to extreme length for sensitive people and can overall not allow them to play the game even though they play slow. We are sorry for our stubbornness at the earlier phase of the game. We are reducing the head bobbing effect by 85% of what it was and adding separate weapon sway. This also means we are changing the way bullets are fired. Bullets will now come out of the barrel and go according to the weapon's direction and not attract towards the center of the camera.
This change will still try to maintain that running around is punished by weapon sway. The weapon will sway randomly and will have subtle spread (compared to update part 2)

Future Plans

Future of Co-op and What is coming with Part 4
Along with further improvements and bug fixes more maps, gadgets and weapons are going to be added as we approach full release with Part 5. With Part 4, our plan is to focus on audio design, animations and overhauling the gameplay system in general. We will also be adding 1 exclusive co-op maps and 1 new multiplayer map prior to part 4's release.

Co-op will receive more objective variations and with new animations, we will be adding features to cuff suspects that have surrendered and further more improvements that is to be expected for the AI system. We will be listening to feedback from our discord server to further improve the AI with time and a more natural AI is to be expected with full release. AIs will also have voices soon as we setup our recording studio.

Update Logs


  • Added Co-Op Game Mode
  • Added Weapon sway system
  • Added incremental lobby timer


  • Fixed more Lean clip through wall issues
  • Fixed Hostage bugging out in Embassy Map
  • Fixed Spectators not seeing flash bang screen
  • Fixed C4 sticks to bomb/Hostage
  • Fixed C4 stays in air if collides with shield
  • Fixed Door trap hit registration
  • Fixed Not receiving achievements for Ace/Lone Wolf
  • Fixed Rattler clipping through camera during ADS
  • Fixed office spawn location going through table
  • Fixed back face wall in Bank map
  • Fixed Video surveillance functions during chat/settings


  • Updated main menu
  • Updated door sound range [Reduced]
  • Updated bullet spread during ADS [Reduced]
  • Updated Head bobbing [Reduced by 80%]
  • Updated Normal weapon location


  • Replaced Firing system with a more realistic module


  • Optimized Occlusion Culling
  • Optimized Weapon Shooting
  • Optimized Sound system
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