Zero Hour: Operation Thunder Update Adds New Map and Third-Person Perspective on Co-op

Operation Thunder Update
Operation Thunder Update Twitter/@zerohour_2020

A new map and a bunch of game improvements have been added in the latest patch for Zero Hour.

Operation Thunder Update adds a new map called Prison Break. The MS-Unit received word that a raid at the Danshiri Police Station is about to happen. This is likely a ploy to break the terrorist leader, Ahmed Al Zoori, out of the said police station where he is being held captive. The special unit is tasked to eliminate all suspects and prevent the terrorist leader from escaping.

New Map: Prison Break
New Map: Prison Break Steam
New Map: Prison Break
New Map: Prison Break Steam

From the looks of it, there are areas on the map with poor lighting. The suspects might use them to their advantage, so the MS-Unit must be prepared for what’s to come.

Take note that the top floor, as well as the underground parking, are only accessible in the co-op mission. The Prison Break map will be slightly smaller in PvP.

Game Improvements

Players who were clamoring for a way to change to a third-person perspective will be happy to know that this feature is now available in the Operation Thunder Update. However, this can only be used in co-op mode as an option. Gameplay mechanics still remain the same.

The hostage AI received some noteworthy improvements in the latest patch for Zero Hour as well. Hostages will now stick very closely to their rescuers, so players won’t have to waste valuable time waiting for them to get closer. Now, during extraction, the hostage icon no longer appears when they’re being interacted with, so defenders cannot see the hostages' location during the rescue attempt.

    • New MS Unit character model
    • New Defender side utility Molotov [ Iteration 1 ]
    • Material-based footsteps [ Iteration 1 ]
    • Ahmed Al Zoori prison version as a suspect
    • Co-op Suicide Bomb vest for suspects [ Iteration 1 ]
    • Co-op Third person View option [ Iteration 1 ]
    • Hostage PvP extraction point to Bank Heist rooftop
    • Tactical Helmet IR Strobe light
    • GI lighting to MV Meghna map
    • Hostage PvP gameplay, Hostage icon will not be displayed when the hostage is either running away or following a player
    • First-person camera movement
    • Player movement input feel
    • Main Menu loading time
    • Weapon short stocking
    • Weapon holstering positions
    • Suspect AI behavior to do suppressing fire
    • Player movement animation flowchart
    • Optimized door functionalities
    • Added Acog Sight option for MK12
    • Increased Stamina slightly in PvP and Co-op
    • Reworked Residential House map
    • Reworked Hotel Trouble lighting
    • Reduced Co-op cutscene Sound volume

Zero Hour Operation Thunder Update is available on PC.

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