Zero Hour: Operation Rat's Den Update Introduces New Map; Improves FPS and Loading Times

Operation Rat's Den Update
Operation Rat's Den Update Steam

Operation Rat’s Den Update for the tactical FPS game Zero Hour has arrived. This patch introduces a new map and puzzle-based objectives to help make co-op modes more enjoyable for everyone.

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The latest map in Zero Hour is called the Rat’s Den. The mission here is to get inside a building on the outskirts of Sylhet. Word has it that this is actually the base of operations of Jubayer Kashem, the brother of Abdul Kashem, who was captured in a previous operation.

Apparently, Jubayer Kashem continues his family’s legacy by running their drug business. It also seems that he’s kidnapping the locals of Sylhet and bringing them to the base, subjecting them to forced labor.

The objective is to infiltrate the premises, bring Jubayer Kashem in, and learn the whereabouts of a hideout suspected somewhere in the area of operations (AO).

In addition to the new map, various puzzle-based objectives have been added in the Operation Rat’s Den Update. Players are required to find and solve codes, so they can enter some secret locations to complete the mission.

As of now, the puzzle-based objectives are only available on the new map. However, the developers said that puzzles for other maps will be added in future updates.


  • New Realtime GI and Faster Lighting method [Not all maps have it implemented yet/ WIP]
  • New environmental SFX for when shots fired
  • New Blueprint model for document secure
  • New Attack Dog preview in training ground [Functional from next update]
  • Match Points Back up not retrieving properly when steam fails to fetch data
  • Rare crashes resulting from initially loading game
  • Long loading times [Even in SSD]
  • C2 Damage not working against AI suspects
  • Melee applying damage through obstacles
  • Reticle texture resolution lowering with quality settings
  • Terror House backyard lighting issue
  • Camera shake causing internal mild errors
  • Scroll bars in menus not working properly
  • Optimized All maps [Should get + 15 to 30 FPS]
  • Overhauled Internal asset loading system for more efficient memory usage
  • Co-Op AI behavior for active shooter situations
  • Co-Op AI reaction differences when lights are turned off
  • Co-Op AI weapon handling differences based on movement and firing duration
  • Ambient Occlusion effect
  • Co-Op Main Menu U
  • Co-Op AI firing spray when shooting in the dark without a flashlight
  • Re-adjusted NVG Visuals
  • Re-adjusted Laser Sight Visuals
  • Reverted Melee System
  • Reset Leaderboard
  • Occlusion Culling all maps

Zero Hour Operation Rat’s Den Update is available on PC.

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