‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links’ Paradox Brothers Event: How To Unlock New Duelists

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The Paradox Brothers can be unlocked in 'Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links' Konami

The latest event in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links has begun, with the Paradox Brothers coming to the popular mobile game.

Like the Pegasus and Yami Bakura events before it, the Paradox Brothers event forces gamers to collect duel gate keys by defeating other players in the Duel World to challenge the brothers. There are rewards that give Gems, coins and new cards after collecting enough points.

After each duel with the Paradox Brothers, your Duel Assessment will determine how many points you receive and the more times you defeat them the higher and faster your points rise and accumulate. Note, you’ll need to be at least Stage level 4 to participate. Accumulate 180,000 points in your duels with the Paradox brothers and you will unlock this new duelist.

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The rewards for defeating the Paradox Brothers Photo: Konami

The Paradox Brothers will first appear in the Duel Gate at level 10 and every time you defeat them, their level will increase to 20, 30 and then 40. The higher the level the brothers are when you duel them, the more points you get, whether you win or lose.

The easiest and fastest way to unlock the brothers is to duel them at level 40, but it’s not that easy.


At level 20, the brothers start with Shadow Ghoul on the field and this particular deck has a lot of five-star and higher monsters. This would normally would be difficult to get the monsters needed on the field to summon but the Paradox Brothers use the spell card, Monster Gate to tribute a monster on their field and special summon a monster from the top card of their deck.

The Paradox Brothers are easy at this level but if you take them lightly, you will pay.

At level 30, the brothers begin with Labyrinth Tank on the field, a beastly 2400 attack monster. You’ll want to swarm the field with your own high-level monsters or use your traps and spell cards to get rid of the Tank. Once Labyrinth Tank is gone, the brothers are rather easy.

Once you get the Paradox Brothers at level 40, things get very interesting. Labyrinth Wall is already on the field. What makes the wall especially difficult is that it has 3000 defense, which makes it almost impossible to overcome. The Paradox Brothers use this wall to protect their lifepoints while they try and get the pieces of Gate Guardian ready.

They summon monsters that act as two tributes, like Wind Prodigy and Kaiser Seahorse, to get Suijin, Kaizejin and Sanga of the Thunder on the field. If you can burn through their lifepoints with spell and trap cards or use cards like Stop Defense to get Labyrinth Wall into attack position to destroy it with one of your own monsters.


The Paradox Brothers will also appear in Duel World once in awhile, and you can duel them for free. However, this new event gives players an option to duel them at a higher or lower level.

The Para Gate is a much harder difficulty, pitting you against the brothers at level 50, but gives a higher Duel Assessment score. Dox gate is the opposite. The caveat is that if you lose, you’ll be deducted 700 points, so you won’t automatically get a card if you lose.

paradox brothers yugioh duel links level50
The Level 50 gate to face the Paradox Brothers. Photo: Konami

Beware, at Level 50 the Paradox Brothers start with Gate Guardian on the field. This monster has 3750 attack points (even stronger than Blue Eyes White Dragon) and the duelists use cards like Fairy Meteor Crush to deal piercing damage.

Have you unlocked the Paradox Brothers in Duel Links ? Let us know your strategies in the comments section below.

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