YouTube Go APK Available For Offline Download App

YouTube Go
YouTube Go Screencap: Google

Google is beginning to release a new app called YouTube Go, which will allow users to download videos and watch them without an internet connection. Currently, the app is officially available only in India, but Android Police has made the YouTube Go APK available for those want to test the app out before its official release. Users should keep in mind the software is unstable.

Users can also find more information about YouTube Go at the Google Play Store. There is no word on when the app will be available for users outside India; however, Google announced plans to release release the app to the public back in September 2016.

The app appears to be functional with most YouTube videos, according to Android Police. One downside is the downloaded videos appear to be available in standard or basic definition. In contrast, resolution on YouTube’s website and internet connected application can go up to 1080p.

Once installed, users must provide a phone number to verify their account, according to Android Police. Users are also able to share downloaded videos with other people through Bluetooth transfer.

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