YouTubers React To YouTube Rewind 2016 Featuring Francis, H3H3 And More

YouTube Rewind 2016, woah memes!
YouTube Rewind 2016, woah memes! YouTube

At the end of every year, YouTube likes to commemorate all of its platform’s accomplishments in a video called “ YouTube Rewind.” Past years have been filled with YouTube personalities, important content creators that helped the community grow. There have always been a ton of nobodies – if you are trying to fill a video, sometimes you use whatever you can get. But this year the choices almost felt malicious. YouTubers that blew up this year, like Leafyishere or iDubbbz, were nowhere to be seen, replaced by pretty people and models who very few people know exist.

Phillip Defranco, one of the biggest names on the site, wasn’t included because YouTube wanted him to make a video endorsing Hillary Clinton and he refused (allegedly). T h a t s ounds less like a tech giant and more like a child that didn’t get its way.

YouTubers have been announcing their disappointment on Twitter.

It wouldn’t be a YouTube controversy without some epic rant YouTube videos. First up we got Boogie2988 and Francis, who is livid that he wasn’t invited to be part of the pretty people parade.

There’s also Ricegum, the lite version of Leafyishere.

My personal favorite video comes from I Hate Everything. He points out the hypocrisy of YouTube making a video focusing solely on what they conceive to be the positive aspects of their platform, while they remain silent on all of the controversy that this year has brought. Ignoring the whole Trump thing, YouTube had the failed YouTube Heroes program, Fine Bros. trying to copyright the word “react,” drama channels taking over the site and the algorithm that’s still screwing over content creators to this day.

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