You Can Actually Play Tetris In Overwatch

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Yup, that's right - playing Tetris is very possible in Overwatch.
Yup, that's right - playing Tetris is very possible in Overwatch. Ochotonida

Overwatch continues to be one of the most popular first-person shooter titles out there. Believe it or not, though, you can actually play another game, Tetris, while playing Overwatch. Wonder how it works?

Basically, it is all about the workshop mode in Overwatch. Someone made an effort to use the feature in order to complete an incredible task that involves building a fully-playable version of Tetris. Apart from using the tools present in the mode, the user also did some programming workarounds so as to ensure that it functions as closely as possible to the real game.

Being able to play Tetris in Overwatch comes courtesy of Reddit user ochotonida, who really went above and beyond the ordinary Workshop output in an attempt to come up with the most faithful Tetris experience in Blizzard’s title. To make sure that the Tetris clone works, the user reportedly made use of the Super Rotation System which was meant to work as a guide for implementing rotation for both states and spawns. In addition, the user also used the rudimentary wall-kick system, which is responsible for allowing players to let J, L, S, and Z pieces to wall-kick left and right.

Interestingly, the controls are very easy to understand, which is exactly what you can expect from a regular Tetris game. Left and right move your piece while up and down turn your piece. If you want to increase the speed, you just have to hold the jump button.

Unfortunately, the Workshop mode has its own limit; the game tends to end as soon as the total number of effects has reached its limit, although it can be bypassed when a stack is able to reach the top before then.

Obviously, Tetris in Overwatch is not really a 100% real Tetris game. However, there is no reason why you should not give it a try – perhaps at least for the sake of having fun. If you want to access it in the game’s Workshop mode, just use the code X236D.

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