YOLKED - The Egg Game Officially Launching April 6

Time for something "eggs-citing."
Time for something "eggs-citing." HardBoiled Studios

If you're looking for an "eggs-citing" adventure, get ready for YOLKED - The Egg Game. This game is leaving early access and hatching its way to a full release on April 6, available on PC through Steam priced at $6.99.

In the game, you take on the role of a failed experiment in the laboratory of a mad scientist. It seems that this scientist is assembling an army composed of mutant eggs for some nefarious plan. After escaping their impending doom, players get to explore each room of this not-so-ordinary home, from the laboratory to other areas like the kitchen, attic, and garden. If it's still not obvious at this point, you get to play an egg. Yes, you read that right.

As a bouncing two-armed egg, you get to play through various physics-based levels by either grabbing, swinging, or climbing. Be sure to plot your every move and work your way out of obstacles like ketchup, spatulas, darts, and scissors. However, these household items aren't the only threats you’ll face. There are also fire torches and even bombs, to name a few. In addition, be careful of those that you meet since bees, spiders, and piranhas are more than willing to take down an egg. Learn more about the plans of this mad scientist, why you were created, and why the scientist wants to crack you once and for all.

You also have the chance to unlock more than 80 cosmetic skins by completing achievements and exploring each nook and cranny of every environment. Cosmetic skins include Devil, Pineapple, Football, and Cactus costumes. Practice those speedrunning skills and make sure to climb the leaderboards and show everyone that you're the fastest egg there is.

By the way, the game is also coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

YOLKED – The Egg Game is the first title from HardBoiled Studios. In a statement, Game Developer and Co-Founder Hazel Wong shared that the game had its beginnings as a fun class project when the founders were college students. She went on to say that at the time, they only wanted to win first place considering that not one of them had any experience in game development.

Get YOLKED – The Egg Game on Steam now.

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