X4: Foundations Releases New 4.0 Update and New Expansion

A lot of new things happening.
A lot of new things happening. Egosoft

X4: Foundations has received its free 4.00 update that not only expands this space simulation game but also improves it. For example, players can now experience Terraforming, feel the improved fleet control, and make new choices to manage hostilities.

The game also got its second expansion which comes with even more new content.

New Update

The game didn’t really have much to offer when it comes to explaining what the new content can give. But the new features are:

  • Terraforming.
  • Coordinated Attack option for fleet commanders.
  • Volumetric fog makes space look even better.
  • Transaction Log for detailed breakdown of income and outgoings.
  • Message system for important communications from NPCs.
  • New Hostile relation status on map and HUD to indicate objects with which combat is likely.
  • Emergency eject.

Read the complete changelog here.

New Expansion

The game's second expansion, Cradle of Humanity, is here. This expansion brings the game back to Earth and expands it with new sectors and two Terran factions. In terms of story, it reveals more about what happened to Earth in the years since the shutdown of the jumpgate.

Main features of the new expansion include:

  • Big expansion of the X4: Foundation s universe with new sectors.
  • Return of Terran factions with economy, ships, weapons, and stations.
  • Thrilling new story missions and adventures to experience.
  • New game-starts that allow new perspectives on the X4: Foundation s story.
  • Introducing a new terraforming gameplay feature, evolving the endgame.
  • Visual improvements like volumetric fog to make the X universe look better than ever.

The new expansion is available at Steam for $14.99.

Special Announcement

The X4: Foundation development team released a statement regarding a particular issue experienced by players who are using NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, 3070, 3080, or 3090-based graphics cards. According to the team, those who use the aforementioned GPUs might encounter game crashes due to a “lost device” problem.

The team added that even as they worked with the hardware manufacturer, they were not able to resolve the issue in time for the release of the new update and expansion. The team ended by saying that they’re giving an update once the problem has been solved.

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