WWE Superstars Apollo Crews and Titus O'Neil Should Team Up

Apollo Crews should team up with Titus O'Neil WWE

Now that the Superstar Shakeup is done at WWE and we have the newly solidified Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live rosters, it’s time to start making new storylines. On last night’s RAW, we saw Apollo Crews getting courted by Titus O’Neil, which many felt was a throwaway promo used to fill time. While both wrestlers aren’t doing much now, a team of Apollo and Titus could ultimately be huge for both stars.

Right now, one of the main criticisms of Apollo is that he has no character. He’s the guy who shows up, does some athletic moves in the ring, says how happy he is to be in the WWE and smiles all the time. To team up with Titus, Apollo wouldn’t even have to change up his character immediately. Keep him exactly the same for right now. Titus has plenty of character for the two of them.

Instead, let Titus do all the talking. Have him sweet-talk Apollo into helping him win matches. In fact, make it so Apollo actually does all the winning, while Titus talks up the “Titus Brand” and takes credit for all the team’s success.

This could lead Apollo to one of two conclusions: he either gives into Titus’ schtick and turns heel to join him, or Apollo gets so fed up with his partner that he turns on him. Either would naturally create more of a character for Apollo to work with going forward. He’d also have the chance to learn some more mic skills from Titus who, despite that terrible promo in Brooklyn recently, is usually a great talker.

This would also give Titus something to do, since The New Day is no longer on RAW . Titus had previously been trying to join the trio of wrestlers to no avail. Now that The New Day are on SmackDown Live, Titus is left with no feuds or storylines.

So what do you think? Are you on board with the Titus Brand adding Apollo Crews? What other storylines would you like to see now that the Superstar Shakeup is over? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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