WWE And 'Rocket League' Partner Up For Two PPVs And More

Both 'Backlash' and 'Great Balls of Fire' will be presented by 'Rocket League' WWE

Rocket League will be a presenting partner for not one, but two upcoming WWE pay-per-view events. Not only that, the popular automobile soccer game will also serve as a promotional partner for WWE’s second biggest show of the year, SummerSlam.

Rocket League and developer Psyonix will be a presentation partner for Backlash, the SmackDown-exclusive PPV coming this Sunday, as well as for Great Balls of Fire, a RAW-exclusive show scheduled for Sunday, July 9.

As part of the promotion, booths will be set up at WWE live events where attendees can play Rocket League right before the show. That means you will be able to get one last calculated shot off before seeing Brock Lesnar defend the Universal Championship.

Additionally, Rocket League will also serve as a presentation partner for the first-ever WWE Women’s Tournament. The tournament will feature 32 of the best women wrestlers from all over the world competing to be crowned the first Women’s Tournament victor. The WWE Women’s Tournament will be coming to the WWE Network this summer.

“The integrated partnership with Psyonix will provide Rocket League with an opportunity to utilize WWE’s global platforms and reach our passionate fan base, many of whom are avid gamers,” said John Brody, the WWE executive vice president of global sales and partnerships, in a press statement. “We look forward to working with Rocket League as we collectively build customized one-stop shopping programs to reach their consumers.”

The partnership is exciting for WWE, but those at Psyonix may be even more hyped. “As WWE fans ourselves, we are well aware of WWE’s strong capabilities as a strategic marketing partner,” said Jeremy Dunham, the vice president of publishing at Psyonix. “WWE has proven time and again that they know how to execute fantastic integrated programming, and with an audience that has similar interests to our own, it was only natural that we team up to see what we could do together.”

If you want even more Rocket League, or have always wondered how skilled your favorite WWE Superstar is at the game, this partnership will also extend to the popular YouTube channel UpUpDownDown. Hosted by WWE’s own Xavier Woods, six upcoming videos for UpUpDownDown will be dedicated to Rocket League, so expect to see your favorite Superstars on the field soon.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see Rocket League and WWE team up? Do you want to see some WWE-themed items make their way to Rocket League (a New Day unicorn horn would be a perfect topper, just saying)? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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