WoW Classic: 350,000 People Watched The First Person To Hit Level 60

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Milanese player Jokerd becomes the first in the world to reach Level 60 in WoW Classic, as witnessed by a Twitch audience of over 350,000 people. Blizzard Entertainment

It’s only been a week since World of Warcraft Classic launched, but one relatively unknown players has already managed to hit Level 60 as a Gnome Mage. What’s even more surprising is that the player was able to hit the level cap before any of the veterans belonging to the game’s well-established guilds.

Jokerd, a 22-year old video gamer from Malta, documented his attempt to hit level 60 on the popular streaming service Twitch. The attempt took three days and seven hours, with over 350,000 players from all over the world there to witness his victory as the world’s first.

Impressively, Jokerd managed to beat Method to the punch. For those who are unfamiliar, Method is World of Warcraft’s most famous guild, and is home to arguably some of the most experienced Warcraft players in the world. With their entire guild playing from a studio in Los Angeles, Method even invested in several publicity maneuvers to build hype around their attempt at world’s first.

As if it wasn’t enough that Jokerd has been competing against some of the world’s best WoW players, it’s been acknowledged that Jokerd accomplished this feat mostly through solo-ing. As a Gnome Mage, Jokerd was equipped with several powerful area-of-effect spells that made it easier for him to deal with large mobs, but without expert skill and maneuvering, he would have been ineffective without a proper party.

World of Warcraft Classic - or World of Warcraft the way it was 15 years ago before the launch of any of its expansions - is widely-regarded as the best iteration of the game ever made. Featuring hardcore role-playing elements and a complicated, deep, and meaningful progression system, hitting the level cap in WoW Classic in such a short time is no easy feat.

Despite his accomplishment, a few members of the Warcraft community have begun to accuse him of using underhanded tactics and game exploits to become the first Level 60 in the world, but thanks to the whole thing being on Twitch, these accusations were quickly dismissed.

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