World of Warships: Submarines at Your Service in Update 0.11.9

Update 0.11.9
Update 0.11.9 Twitter/@WorldofWarships

Submarines have arrived in World of Warships via Update 0.11.9. Read further to find out how you can acquire them.

How to Get Them?

German and US Submarines
German and US Submarines Wargaming Studios

The latest patch for World of Warships brings German and U.S. Tier VI and VIII submarines into early access. They are available only from sequential bundles in the Armory at the moment, which you can purchase using a new currency called Submarine Tokens.

Submarine Tokens can be earned by completing new Personal Challenges introduced in Update 0.11.9. You can also exchange some for Community Tokens or acquire them from random bundles for Doubloons.

Additionally, you’ll have a chance of getting premium Japanese and Soviet submarines, such as the VIII I-56 and the VIII S-189, from random bundles. Take note that these submarines will be available in the Armory on a more permanent basis sometime next year.

Japanese VIII I-56 Submarine
Japanese VIII I-56 Submarine Wargaming Studios
Soviet VIII S-189 Submarine
Soviet VIII S-189 Submarine Wargaming Studios


  • Nikolay Kuznetsov
    • Will for Victory:
    • Bonus action time after talent activation reduced from 30 to 15 seconds
    • HP percentage that’s restored per second increased from 0.25 to 0.35%
    • Emergency Reserve:
    • Bonus applied to a number of consumable charges now also applies to squadron consumables
  • Philippe Auboyneau
    • Rampant:
    • Added bonus that reduces squadron cooldown time by 5%
    • Fire and Fury:
    • Renamed to "Elemental Fury"
    • Added bonus that increases the chances of causing flooding by 10%
  • Focus Fire Training
    • Added bonus that reduces squadron cooldown time by 5%
  • Swift Fish
    • Added a 5% bonus to the speed of airborne torpedoes
  • AA Defense and ASW Expert
    • Added a new activated effect.
    • While AA defenses are operating, ship consumables will reload faster:
    • +15% for battleships
    • +20% for cruisers
  • Secondary Armament Expert
    • Bonus added: +10% depth charge damage
  • Enlarged Propeller Shaft
    • The skill will now increase the speed of a submarine while she is at periscope depth or on the surface.
  • Consumables Specialist
    • Cost increased from 1 to 3 skill points
    • Bonus applied to the preparation and reload time of consumables increased from –5% to –15%
  • Helmsman
    • Cost reduced from 2 skill points to 1 skill point
  • Consumables Enhancements
    • Cost reduced from 3 to 2 skill points
    • Bonus applied to consumable action time reduced from +10% to +5%
  • Disabled the option to select Epicenter from all maps in the Training Room.
  • Fixed incorrect display of the F1 to F12 hotkeys in the Equipment tab, as well as in battle in the list of quick commands when pressing the Tab key and on the quick command panel when pressing the B key.
  • Changed the in-game browser navigation. Multiple browser windows will no longer open on top of each other.

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

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