World of Warships: Celebrate the Game's Anniversary with New Festive Rewards

Update 0.11.8
Update 0.11.8 Twitter/@WorldofWarships

World of Warships will have its seventh anniversary in a couple of days, and players can celebrate it with new festive rewards.

In Update 0.11.8, players who have a lot of ships can potentially receive several gifts per battle, assuming they meet certain requirements. This is a great move as it incentivizes those who grind tirelessly to amass vessels in their ports.

The rewards that players get will depend on the tier of the ship they use in battle. For Tier V to Tier VII ships, players will gain one “Special Bonuses” container. For Tier VIII to Tier IX ships, they gain one “Special Bonuses” container and a “Rare Bonuses” container. Players with superships and Tier X ships in their ports will receive one Supercontainer.

So, what are the things inside the special rewards? For the “Special Bonuses” container, players will get five Level 2 bonuses of one of the following types:

  • Credits +40%
  • Ship XP +200%
  • Commander XP +200%
  • Free XP +600%

The “Rare Bonuses” container drops almost the same things as the previous one, except they provide higher values. Players get three Level 3 bonuses of one of the following types:

  • Credits +160%
  • Ship XP +800%
  • Commander XP +800%
  • Free XP +2,400%
Festive Anniversary Rewards
Festive Anniversary Rewards Wargaming Studio

It is important to note that the number of gifts the player receives will depend on a couple of factors. The first is the number of ships in the port, and the second is the amount of base XP earned in battle.

For example, a player with 300 to 399 ships can earn four rewards; one for winning the battle using a ship, and another three by receiving at least 1,000 base XP in the same battle.

Update 0.11.8 will also feature Warship Strike - a temporary mini-game where players can earn Strike Passes for completing combat missions. Players can obtain some Festive Tokens by fighting against the AI as well.

The mini-game can be accessed via the Armory. What’s good about this game mode is that players can go into a Warship Strike, pause ongoing battles at any time, and return to them later with their progress still intact.

Up to 5,920 Festive Tokens can be earned in total. Players get 4,320 tokens just for participating, 800 tokens in exchange for Credits, and another 800 in exchange for Community Tokens.

Festive Tokens can be exchanged in the Armory for the following:

  • Bonus packages for ships
  • Permanent camouflages
  • Economic bonuses
  • Containers with signals and resources
  • Credits

World of Warships Update 0.11.8 is expected to drop on September 8. So, what can you say about the festive rewards? Are you excited to partake in the Warship Strike?

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