World of Warships: Changes to Reload Mechanics and Operations Highlighted in Update 0.11.8

Update 0.11.8
Update 0.11.8 Twitter/@WorldofWarships

Update 0.11.8 for World of Warships is expected to launch this Thursday, September 8. This massive patch features a lot of interesting changes, most notably to the reload mechanics and Operations.

Massive Changes to Operations

Operations in World of Warships are not popular among the community due to their highly restrictive nature. Back then, players were only restricted to one ship tier, and they were unable to re-enter the battle with the same ship without incurring additional expenses.

The developers are trying their best to make Operations appealing again, so they’ve made huge changes in Update 0.11.8. For one, players can now enter battle playing Tier VI to Tier VIII ships in any Operation. Furthermore, the 30-minute restriction for re-entry into battle playing the same ship has been removed.

That’s not all. The upcoming patch is also bringing back three highly awaited Operations: The Ultimate Frontier, Hermes, and Cherry Blossom.

Changes to Reload Mechanics

In Update 0.11.8, the gun reload mechanic when switching shell types has been changed. This effectively improves the Gun Feeder Commander Skill.

For the uninitiated, Gun Feeder is a Commander Skill that reduces reload time when the shell type is switched by 50%, but this is only applicable if all main battery guns are loaded. In the upcoming patch, all turrets no longer need to be fully loaded, meaning the accelerated shell-type switching bonus is applied immediately.

It is worth noting that ships in World of Warships will also have a new parameter called “minimum shell-type switching time.” So, players have a brief window between shell switching and reloading before the reload time is affected. If the player switches shell types when the guns are reloading and before the minimum time runs out, the gun reload time remains unchanged.

However, if the minimum shell-switching time has run out and the player switches the shell type, the remaining reload time will be equal to the minimum shell-type switching time.

For example, a ship with a 30-second main gun reload time will have a shell-type switching time of 18 seconds if the Gun Feeder skill is mastered. If the remaining gun reload time is 19 seconds and the player switches the shell type, the reload time will still be 19 seconds instead of 30 seconds as it used to be earlier.

But, if only five seconds are left for the guns to reload and the shell type is switched, the reload time will roll back to 18 seconds.

In addition, Italian Battleships receive a separate 30% bonus to shell-type switching time, multiplied when the Gun Feeder Commander Skill is active. In other words, all researchable Italian Battleships become more effective in this regard than the battleships of other nations.

So, what can you say about the upcoming changes to Operations and the game’s reload mechanic?

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