World of Warships: New European Destroyers Now Available in Early Access

Update 12.4 Wargaming Studios

Update 12.4 for World of Warships is now available on all platforms. This patch welcomes the new European Destroyers to Early Access.

New Ships

A special event has now begun in World of Warships Update 12.4 that lets you get the new Tier V to Tier X European Destroyers via early access.

The Tier V Muavenet, Tier VI Stord, and Tier VII Grom are available in sequential bundles that you can purchase using the new limited-time currency, European Tokens. This currency can be yours as a final reward from the free battle pass in Update 12.4. They can also be acquired from containers with rare economic bonuses. For the Tier VIII Split, you must spend some money because this ship is the final reward of the premium battle pass.

Tier IX Lambros Katsonis Wargaming Studios

For the remaining ships, you must have some Doubloons ready. The Tier IX Lambros Katsonis can be obtained via random bundles available for Doubloons, while the Tier X Gdańsk is available to purchase for Doubloons at the end of a sequential bundle chain. All in all, Gdańsk is quite expensive, but if you really want to try it out, get your wallet ready.

So, what separates these European Destroyers apart from the other vessels? They are equipped with high-explosive shells that deal considerable damage per salvo.

Furthermore, Surveillance Radar is added in a separate slot starting from Tier VIII onward, a useful consumable that improves the ship's radar in a couple of ways. First, it expands the radar's range so that you can spot enemy ships from a long distance. And second, your radar can detect other vessels without getting hampered by smoke, terrain, or weather.

Tier X Gdańsk Wargaming Studios

Repeated Battle Entry

In addition, this patch introduced a new mechanic that allows you to enter a new battle with the ship that was destroyed in a previous battle without waiting for it to conclude. This was implemented so that you can engage in more battles using your favorite ships.

Here are the important things regarding this mechanic:

  • You'll be able to enter a new battle after your ship has been sunk from the Port or from the exit menu of the previous battle. The new mechanics won't apply to Clan Battles.
  • If you enter a new battle when the previous one is still going, you can use the ship even if you don't have enough Credits for post-battle service. The cost of it will be tallied up until the player enters the Port after ending all of the battles. There you'll find information about the results of all previous battles on the current ship. After that, you won't be able to enter a new battle with the ship until you pay the full cost of post-battle service.
  • Before each new battle, you can change the ship configuration, applied economic bonuses, Commander's skills, etc. The results of the previous battle will be based on the previous configuration.
  • Before entering battle, you'll get a notification in the following cases:
    • A Commander has undistributed skill points.
    • The prime time of a battle type has ended.
    • You've run out of economic bonuses, signals, or camouflages.

World of Warships Update 12.4 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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