World of Warships Legends: New Update Kickstarts Halloween Festivities

World of Warships: Legends
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Wargaming Studio has released the Halloween update for World of Warships: Legends. It kickstarts the festivities with new campaigns, ships, and other rewards that you surely do not want to miss.

Element of Choice

From October 4 to November 8, you have a chance to partake in the Element of Choice campaign which consists of five missions with 100 levels of progression. The final reward lets you choose between two destroyers: the Pan-Asian Tier VII ship Loyang and the Pan-European Tier VII ship Friesland. To get them, you must complete the entire campaign and have the Admiralty Backing active before you finish everything.

There are additional perks whenever you have Admiralty Backing enabled. You will get more boosters, camos, global and commander XP, and 10 times more credits by the end of the campaign, among other things.

As previously mentioned, you have a choice between the Loyang and Friesland destroyers as your main reward. While you can only choose one of them, you can still acquire the other one by purchasing it for 17,500 Doubloons.

Halloween Events

There are two Halloween events with the first starting immediately after you update the game. Your mission is to escort Transylvania to the Portal, but beware as your journey will be fraught with evil entities, like the battleship Rasputin.

On October 18, the second part of the Halloween festivities known as “A Light in the Dark” will commence. You will have to fight Rasputin and his minions again, only this time, the stakes are higher as you contend with the Gorgon as well. The objective here is to protect the magic towers that are responsible for sealing the Portal. Do this and you will save the entire world.

So, what are you fighting for? Well, you will acquire Halloween crates that contain themed Commanders and Commander progression items. Besides that, you will get some eerie skins for certain ships, including the Benson (Ghoul), Lexington (Nobilium), and Charles Martel (Scarab).

It is worth noting that you should be mindful of getting the Bellerophon (5-star reward) during the first part of the event, as doing so will allow you to obtain the Tier IV Italian cruiser Genova in “A Light in the Dark.” More rewards will be revealed in the next official Halloween blog post.

New Ships

An alternate Russian Destroyer branch will be coming out of Early Access soon. This line will provide a different take on some existing ships, such as:

  • Tier IV Soobrazitelny
  • Tier V Boevoi
  • Tier VI Kiev
  • Tier VII Udaloi

Unlike their counterparts, these ships are more adept at firing torpedoes from long distances, similar to the rare Ognevoi. This will help give you more time and space to think about your offensive and defensive maneuvers.

Additionally, the German Tier VI Cruiser, Weimar, is going to be introduced in the near future. This Yorck-class project cruiser is quite mobile but fragile, so use it wisely. It is equipped with 12 fast-reloading 150 mm guns which should keep enemies at bay when needed.

The update is massive and also brings quality-of-life improvements and balancing changes to certain ships. You can read the complete patch notes by heading over to the game’s official website.

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