World of Warships Ready to Welcome Italian Battleships

Look who's joining the battle!
Look who's joining the battle! Wargaming

World of Warships is preparing to welcome Italian Battleships to the fight. That’s not all as there are also Combat Missions and Italian Tokens. All of these are going to arrive in the game with Update 0.10.1.

Ship Branch Features

So what does this ship branch offer? For one it doesn’t use HE shells, and instead, features semi-armor-piercing shells. These shells offer rather significant damage against targets that are weakly to moderately protected. The only catch is that they don’t cause fires.

Still, on offense, the ships have a large number of guns, despite having short firing ranges and lower accuracy. The good news is the ships offer good armor protection along with some decent maneuverability.

Besides, Tier VIII–X ships in this brand come with the Exhaust Smoke Generator consumable. This lets the ship hide from enemy ships without the need to lower its speed.

Combat Missions

Players can expect 24 missions spread out across four groups. The first group becomes accessible once the new update is live with the succeeding ones being unlocked weekly.

Completing missions, as well as groups, allows players to earn not only Italian Tokens but also special signals. Those who finish the third group, for example, get the Roman permanent camouflage for their VI Andrea Doria. Meanwhile, the final rewards are the VII Francesco Caracciolo with a Port slot and the six-skill point Commander.

Italian Tokens

For Italian Tokens, players can earn them through:

  • Completing “Italian Battleships: Part 1” combat missions.
    • Earn as much as 9,500 Tokens.
  • ​Free random bundles in the Armory.
    • Earn as much as 500 tokens.
  • Random bundles available in exchange for doubloons in the Armory.
    • Earn as much as 38,800 Tokens.
  • Finishing combat missions from the official World of Warships streams.
    • Earn as much as 1,000 Tokens.
  • Exchanging for Recruitment Points in the Armory.
    • Earn as much as 1,000 Tokens.

There’s also a special offer where players can earn tokens by finishing an additional chain of combat missions available on the first weekend the update becomes live. The difficulty of the chain and the number of tokens that can be earned are based on the player’s activity in previous updates.

You can learn more about this new ship branch and the rewards you can get from Italian Tokens here.

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