World Of Warships Celebrates 5 Years With A Huge Update

Learn more about naval history.
Learn more about naval history. Wargaming

World of Warships is turning five, and to celebrate, the game is going to release a huge update. This update adds a new permanent campaign along with a new Dockyard. There’s also going to be a new battle type plus some bonuses for everyone.

Update 0.9.8 is set to introduce Five Epochs of the Navy. This new campaign is set to honor naval history across the ages. Players can go through different eras in history of shipbuilding by completing 50 tasks spread across five missions. Finishing each task is going to unlock an Epoch permanent camouflage, which players can then put on Tier IX ships. This new campaign also offers the Five Epochs of the Navy collection. The collection allows players to go through the five era of naval engineering with the elements of the collection being obtainable through the same-name containers.

In addition to the new campaign, there’s also a new battle type known as Asymmetric Battle. Typically, in naval battles there are usually an uneven number of combatants coming from each side. This means that in order to win, strategy and tactics are important. Under this new battle type, a team having five to seven Tier 7–8 ships are going against teams of nine to twelve ships of Tiers 5–6. Players that win battles earn Battle Tokens. This mode is not going to be a permanent addition, as it’s available only during the first two weeks of the celebration.

A new feature as well is the Dockyard construction event that allows players to build Anchorage, a new US Tier 8 cruiser. The in-game build of the Anchorage is composed of 20 phases, where 18 of them can be finished by completing Directives. Completing all phases awards players with the Anchorage along with her National camouflage, a 10-skill Commander, a port slot, and even a commemorative flag.

Finally, there is the festive bonus that players get for their first victory on every ship beginning with Tier 5. Rewards that players can win include:

  • 2x World of Warships Anniversary camouflages for Tiers 5–7
  • 1x Gift container for Tier 8 that contains five special signals
  • 2x Gift containers for Tier 9
  • 1x supercontainer for Tier 10.

That’s not all as Update 0.9.8 also marks the beginning of Ranked Battles for Tier 10 ships in an 8v8 format.

You can view the complete patch notes for Update 0.9.8 here.

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