World of Warships Invites You to Start Building the USS Wisconsin

Get a head start and build now. Wargaming

A new update just dropped in World of Warships and that means there's a lot of new content to enjoy. One of the highlights is the start of the construction of the USS Wisconsin. Then there's the return of Asymmetric Battles. Indeed, there's a lot to unpack with Update 13.3.

Let's start with the construction of historic American battleship USS Wisconsin. To unlock the shipbuilding phases, you'll need to complete combat missions. Now the shipbuilding process has a total of 30 phases. Going through the Dockyard combat missions allows you to unlock 28 of these. Then once you reach shipbuilding phase 20, you'll also be rewarded with none other than the West Virginia '44. For those who already have this ship, they instead receive three Dockyard phases.

You have until the next update to finish everything so time to start now. By the way for those wondering, here are key features of the USS Wisconsin:

  • "Immediate Systems Reload" Combat Instructions that reduce consumable preparation/cooldown time.
  • Accurate guns that inflict relatively low damage.
  • High speed and good concealment, but relatively weak armor.

It's Back

PvE fans are sure to be happy knowing that Asymmetric Battles. Not only are they back but the rules have remained the same as before. This means you can join in Tier VI–X ships and superships. Divisions can have as much as 5 players, which makes this the perfect chance to get together with friends and Clan mates.

As a quick reminder, here are some of the restrictions in this mode:

  • One aircraft carrier
  • Up to two battleships
  • Up to two cruisers
  • Up to two destroyers
  • One submarine

Asymmetric Battles run from April 11 to May 16. Learn more about it here.

Plan Ahead

Another interesting feature introduced with the new update is the Combat Mission Calendar. With this you should be able to plan your sorties a bit easier. You can check out the calendar here.

By the way with the release of release of Update 13.3, the daily bundles with Doubloons, days of Premium Account, and expendable economic bonuses, have all been updated in the Armory. Remember that while one bundle is free, you can obtain the second one for Doubloons.

World of Warships was first released for the PC in 2015. A version for the mobile platforms was launched in 2018 and titled World of Warships Blitz. Then in 2019 it was ported to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as World of Warships: Legends. By 2021 versions were available for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S.

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