World of Warships Gives You Early Access to New US Aircraft Carriers

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Good news to all commanders in World of Warships. Update 13.0 is giving everyone early access to upcoming US aircraft carrier lines. A total of three ships is being added which are the Independence, Yorktown, and Essex. Camouflages for both Yorktown and Essex are also going to be available along with a commemorative flag.

To celebrate this early access, the U.S. Aircraft Carriers Event Pass is available for all players to take part in. This event is composed of 20 levels where they can progress by finishing a series of daily and weekly missions. The top prize int he first progression line is the Tier VI aircraft carrier Independence.

During the event, players have the choice to unlock the second progression though they'll have to spend Doubloons. This one also has 20 levels but the rewards are event better which include, among others, Tier VIII aircraft carrier Yorktown, a bonus package for Yorktown, Commander Statue of Liberty with 6 skill points and an individual voiceover, and the Freedom permanent camouflage for Tier X Des Moines.

American Tokens

For those who have access to the second progression line of the U.S. Aircraft Carriers Event Pass, they can get what's known as American Tokens by finishing those extra levels. These same tokens can also be obtained through random bundles for Doubloons.

These tokens can be exchanged for the Essex with a 10-skill-point Commander and Port slot. These can also be used for the likes of permanent camouflages for Yorktown and Essex, Wings of Freedom Premium containers, and Credits.

Bounty Hunt Event

Players can also look forward to a new iteration of the Bounty Hunt event. It's going to be available in Random Battles and when taking on the Bounty role, players have to helm Tier VI–X battleships, cruisers, or destroyers in battle.

Whether they're in the Bounty role or regular players, everyone can earn Star Token. These can then be used in the Star Emissaries Armory category. Main rewards include Bionic permanent camouflages for Des Moines, Buffalo, and Baltimore. Players can also get Coal, common bonuses containers, and signals.

World of Warships is a free-to-play naval warfare-themed multiplayer online game available for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It's also out for Android and iOS.

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