World Of Warcraft Launches Brewfest, Earn Tokens Until October 6

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Drink your way to the win.
Drink your way to the win. Blizzard

No matter where you are in Azeroth, it's time to gather your friends in World of Warcraft and enjoy the revamped Brewfest. The festivities already started on September 20 and will run until October 6.

During this period, you get the chance to complete quests and activities on Brewfest grounds. In return you receive Brewfest Prize Tokens which you can use to buy some of the items on sale. To join, you simply need to go to the Orgrimmar Entrance if you're with the Horde or the Ironforge Entrance for the Alliance.

So what can you expect for this year's Brewfest? For one, you can be part of the Brewfest Chowdown and eat your way towards being the Chowdown Champion. All you need to do is go to Etga (Horde) or Britta Steinhart (Alliance) in order to be part of the competition. Compete with three other players and be the first to finish 10 plates of sausages. Winning gets you the Brewfest Chowdown Champion Token.

If that's not your thing, you can also go to the Frostwolf brewery Warband Ales for a special toast. Do this at either 6:00 AM or 6:00 PM server time. If you're from the Alliance, simply go to the Barleybrew and Thunderbrew breweries.

Every half hour, a group of alementals, hozen, or Dark Iron dwarves are going to show up and destroy the Bewfest grounds. All you need to do is try and put a stop to these shenanigans to get a reward once a day. These timed events are:

  • Chug ‘n Chuck Alementals
    • Get some taster mugs and throw them at these alementals in order to put a stop to them.
  • Shoo Pesky Hozen
    • All the hozen want to do is mosey around so drive them away to restore order.
  • Brawl with Dark Iron Dwarves
    • Be part of the usual bar brawl and drive away the dwarves.

During the event, you also get the chance to earn these different achievements.

  • Brewmaster
    • Completing various challenges gets you the rewarded with the title Brewmaster.
    • The challenges to get this meta-achievement are:
      • The Brewfest Diet
        • You need to eat eight of these Brewfest foods:
          • Dried Sausage
          • Pickled Sausage
          • Savory Sausage
          • Spiced Onion Cheese
          • Spicy Smoked Sausage
          • Succulent Sausage
          • The Essential Brewfest Pretzel
          • The Golden Link
      • Brew of the Month
        • Join the Brew of the Month club.
      • Direbrewfest
        • Kill Coren Direbrew.
      • Does you Wolpertinger Linger
        • Get a Wolpertinger pet from the Brewfest quest line.
      • Have Keg, Will Travel
        • Obtain a Brewfest mount or transform yours into one using Brewfest Hops.
    • Down with the Dark Iron
      • Defend the Brewfest camp from the Dark Iron attack and complete the quest. “This One Time, When I Was Drunk…”
    • Brew of the Year
      • Sample 12 beers featured in the Brew of the Month club.
      • You need a “Brew of the Month” Club Membership Form.
    • Almost Blind Luck
      • Fall 65 yards without dying while wearing Synthebrew Goggles during the Brewfest Holiday.
    • Strange Brew
      • Get different Brewfest beers but don’t drink them all at once.
    • Disturbing the Peace
      • While wearing the pieces of Brewfest clothing, get completely smashed and dance in Dalaran.
    • A Brew-fast Mount
      • Obtain an epic Brewfest mount.

You can learn more about the event and the items you can get here.

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