World of Warcraft Getting Major Changes from Upcoming Update 9.1.5

Some changes planned.
Some changes planned. Blizzard

A new update is arriving in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and it’s going to bring a lot of new features. The new update is set to arrive in the game on October 5. Players who want to try them early can do so through the PTR, which is happening this week.

Most of the things to be introduced seem to be the changes requested by players. For example, it appears trying to solve the unending toxicity in the game. In a post, the World of Warcraft d evelopment team said that the changes are meant to better reflect the shared values of the company as well as handing out serious penalties for players engaged in disruptive behavior.

Updates to Covenant

Players who have already reached the max Renown for their Covenant can now switch among the four different Covenants without restriction or cooldown. In addition, cosmetic rewards earned from a particular covenant remain available even if the player switches to another Covenant. Covenant switching, along with the use of cosmetic rewards, are also applied to any alternate characters after the Renown threshold has been reached on one character.

Another change is that finishing a Covenant campaign for one character now gives alternate characters the ability to skip that same campaign and get the Renown, as well as a third Soulbind, without going through the full narrative arc again.

For those who want to learn more about the reason behind these changes, you can read the statement of the World of Warcraft team here.

Some of the other changes arriving with Update 9.1.5 include:

  • Character Customizations
    • New character customizations are coming to Nightborne and Lightforged Draenei.
  • Additional updates are coming for:
    • Ear size options for void elves
    • New travel forms for druids
    • New Soulshapes for Night Fae
  • Maw Introduction Skippable
    • Players who have finished the introduction in the Maw on one character can now speak to Highlord Darion Mograine in the capital cities to skip it on their alternative characters on their account.
  • Legion Timewalking
    • Players can get back into Legion Dungeons with Legion Timewalking.
    • Take on the challenges within, which include access to Legion Mythic+ dungeons.
    • The event runs for two weeks the first time it runs within the game.
    • It then resumes as a regular one-week schedule for subsequent bonus events.

Learn more about update 9.1.5 here.

What about you? What are your thoughts on Update 9.1.5?

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