World of Warcraft Hopes to Improve Communication with Community Council

A step in the right direction?
A step in the right direction? Blizzard

It has not been a good year for World of Warcraft. Lawsuits aside, Blizzard has been facing criticisms concerning the game itself. From long-time players leaving the game due to how issues are being handled. Blizzard hopes to change all that with the WoW Community Council.

According to a post by the WoW Community Team, this new program hopes to provide another venue where players can communicate with game developers. The goal is to get more detailed feedback from players worldwide.

Here’s how this Community Council is expected to work:

  • Submissions are open to any player interested in taking part in the program.
  • Once players are selected, they’re given the ability to post in a new discussion forum that is publicly visible to everyone.
  • In this new forum, the developers are going to ask members to share their experiences and perspectives on anything in the game.
    • Some topics may be started by Blizzard developers and community managers.
  • Responses and updates from Blizzard are going to be posted there so they can easily be discussed by the entire community.
  • A private discussion is also set up for Council members to encourage direct interaction between members.
  • Separate conversations between smaller groups of members and Blizzard developers are encouraged to make sure players with differing perspectives are heard.

The team went on to say that the communication between Council members and the development team can also take the form of live chats. The team added that with this new program, they’re expecting to see discussions with players coming from a wide range of playstyles. To make sure that this happens, part of the application process has players share not only their expertise but even their interest. That means it can include accessibility, playing alts, collecting transmog, completing achievements, or cutting-edge raiding. The team shared that they want to learn about the players' perspectives and make sure that everyone is heard.

For those who are interested to be part of this program, register here.

What do you think? Is this a step in the right direction or is it too late?

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