World of Warcraft Reveals AWC Season 1 Regional Champions

Winners revealed.
Winners revealed. Blizzard

World of Warcraft announced that Season 1 of the Arena World Championship has finally come to a close. That means we already have champions from North America and Europe. For NA, Method NA took home the crown while it was Skill Capped that claimed the top prize in the EU. Both teams not only take home gold medals but also $50,000 each.

In World of Warcraft, Arenas are areas where teams fight against each other in a deathmatch. Compared to Battlegrounds, arenas are all about destroying the other team.

North America

At the competition, Method NA was the underdog with none of the casters expecting the team to win. However, they managed to turn heads after beating OTK 3–1 in the quarterfinal. They then secured a hard-earned spot for the final after defeating Cloud9 3–2. Method and Cloud9 would again face each other in the final and it would be one for the books. The two teams traded wins to force Game 7. It was Method’s crowd control that proved to be the decisive factor and what gave the team victory.


In Europe, it was a different story. Skill Capped was the team to beat at the start of the tournament and they did not disappoint. The team dominated Method EU in the quarterfinal with a 3–0 sweep. They then managed to sweep again 3–0, but Creed this time, to get a spot in the final.

In the championship match, it was Skill Capped against Method, which climbed back through the elimination bracket. Skill Capped started strong and won the first three games. With another possible sweep, Method fought back and took the next two games. Even with momentum on their side, Method found it difficult to fight against the exceptionally strong Skill Capped. Skill Capped claimed the championship with a 4–2 win.

In a post, AWC Product Manager David Hollings said that there’s no question that these two teams are the best in the world. He added that he is excited to see if the two teams can maintain their momentum for Season 2.

While Season 2 is scheduled later this year, there's a postseason Relegation Cup set from May 14 to 16. It is here where the final two spots of the upcoming Season 2 are going to be filled.

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