WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition Explore the New Silver Mine in Patch v1.0.9g

Patch v1.0.9g
Patch v1.0.9g Twitter/@WolfQuestGame

The wolves have a new area to explore in WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition Patch v1.0.9g, now available on Steam.

This new area is called the Lost Luck Silver Mine, found in the Temple Rocks area. Previously, this was sealed off by a barricade of wooden boards but players will find that nothing is obstructing the entrance now.

Because the mines go deep, players will have to pick up one of the two lanterns available outside before entering. Players can also earn an achievement if they manage to reach the deepest part of the Lost Luck Silver Mine.

One of the most important things that players can do in WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is finding a mate and passing on their wolf genes to the next generation. As such, there’s the “Find a Mate” quest where players will have to go through the process of searching for a suitable mate to breed with before the winter season begins.

That said, Patch v1.0.9g adds a few more days before the winter season begins, so players have a bit more time to complete the quest before the harsh cold weather conditions set in.


  • Three new dens.
  • Six new rendezvous sites.
  • Toggle in Game Settings: Gameplay to disable the Low FPS alert.
  • Modest increase of odds of cougar attack on homesite.
  • Gore dialog now appears after killing an animal with different gore options (had been appearing on snowshoe hare).
  • Reduced brightness in scent view when snow is on the ground In non-winter seasons.
  • Snow accumulated on animals now melts quickly when indoors.
  • Collector's Cache achievement can now be earned in LR as well as SC, and the requirement in either is to have eight collectible objects at your den.
  • When jumping to next year, your pack name is the default selection at the end of Establish Territory quest.
  • Some reductions in memory usage when going from one game scene to another.
  • Terrain and water refinements.
  • In Lost River, more tall grass patches were added in the downtown area.
  • Multiplayer: If the host has already earned a multiplayer achievement, then players in that session won't earn it if unlocked. (Recent regression from another fix a few weeks ago.)
  • In Photo Mode, the camera icon changes position based on HUD scaling.
  • For multi-part achievements, Achievement Progress alert appears even after achievement has been unlocked.
  • Slough Creek
    • If it rains after snowfall, snow coverage is inconsistent between some terrain sections, creating odd lines.
    • There are no bull elk in large elk herds in autumn.
  • Lost River
    • Multiplayer: In the Cattle Ranch area, several issues with player-wolf getting stuck against fences or running unstoppably.
    • Multiplayer: In certain situations, cattle ranch fence break and deterrents are not synced correctly between host and other players.
    • In winter, the scent glows on many dirt dens blocked by the snow mound.
    • Wolves float too high in the water in some creeks.

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition Patch v1.0.9g is available on PC.

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