Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Update 1.05 Live on All Platforms, Patch Notes Here

Get ready for a new adventure.
Get ready for a new adventure. Twitter/@WoLongOfficial

It’s no secret that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty launch didn’t go as smoothly as the developer hoped. The game suffered from many technical issues and also lacked some QoL features. Thankfully, the developer’s ears are open. A new patch for the game went live a few hours ago that brought crucial improvements including balancing changes and bug fixes.

Patch Notes Highlights

  • Added the settings options to automatically switch locked-on targets upon successfully deflecting or deflecting in response to Critical Blows.Note: Players can enable these options in the Game Settings by selecting Switch Locked-on Target after Deflecting and Switch Locked-on Target after Deflecting a Critical Blow.
  • Added the settings option to switch the locked-on target to the nearest enemy by pressing down the right stick.Note: Players can enable this option in the Game Settings by selecting Switch Locked-on Target to Nearest Enemy.
  • Added options to set the rotation and tracking speed for the lock-on camera.Note: These options have been added to the Lock-on Camera page in the Camera Settings.
  • Added the option to enable/disable inertial movement when rotating the camera.Note: This option has been added to the Normal Camera page in the Camera Settings.
  • Modified the Reinforcements menu to show warriors who have sworn oaths with the player but are not currently available as companions. Also made it possible to gift Cups of Cordiality.
  • Added an option allowing players to part ways with companions by selecting a current companion in the Reinforcements menu rather than using a Willow Branch.
  • Made changes so that the sort order for the following menus is saved:
    • Equipment, Inventory, Status, Set Wizardry Spells, Battle Set, and all menus available at the Blacksmith
  • Added an interface allowing players to compare equipment in the Equipment menu.Note: Further expansions for the comparison interface, such as support for the Set Bonus list and the Status menu, are slated for subsequent patches.
  • Made changes to the Equipment menu so that players may now check and select equipment set to Favorites.
  • Made changes to the Travel menu which will allow players to check their progress in collecting Shitieshou, Golden Cicada Shells, Tablets, Dragon Vein Essence, and Dragon Vein Crystals via icons.
  • Changed some of the designs and the captions for controls to make it easier to distinguish between the Inventory and Storehouse menus at the Blacksmith.
  • Added a dedicated icon that is shown when automatically restocking arrows, projectiles, and consumable items.

Read more about Update 1.05 on the official site. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty can be purchased on Steam for $59.99.

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