This Wireless Gaming Mouse Comes With A Built-In Joystick

Asus ROG Chakram
Asus ROG Chakram Digital Trends

If you think that the future of gaming mice is limited to a high DPI and programmable buttons, you're in for a surprise. You may have considered all different types of gaming mice, but a mouse with a built-in joystick would have never crossed your mind. Technology is all about being creative and the acclaimed minds at ROG recently unveiled the ROG Chakram gaming mouse with a built-in joystick.

Asus provided a list of features and specs for the ROG Chakram. This wireless gaming mouse connects via RF (2.4Hz). In case you are someone who prefers the wired route, the mouse also comes bundled with a USB cable.

Talking about the built-in joystick, it works both in analog and digital modes. When enabling the analog mode, the joystick will function as an ordinary thumbstick or joystick. Asus claims that this mode is ideal for enjoying flight sims and racing games.

In digital mode, Asus says the joystick becomes more versatile and becomes a four-way programmable button, which is ideal for playing first-person shooters and battle royales.

Asus also ships the mouse with two thumbsticks of different sizes - a shorter and longer joystick. In case you wish to ditch the joystick, Asus also offers a socket cover to cover the holes for a flush finish.

The ROG Chakram uses Omron switches for its left and right clickers. You can easily replace them by popping off the magnetic button covers without the need for screwdrivers or tools. "It takes just a moment to swap the switches, making it easy to drop in ones that fit your preferred operating force and feedback—or replace worn or broken switches to extend ROG Chakram's lifespan," Asus said in a press release.

The optical sensor on the mouse supports 100-16,000 DPI and other features include 400 IPS max speed and 40g max acceleration.

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