Will Pokémon Go Introduce Trade Evolutions?

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Trade evolutions could be an interesting addition to Niantic's hit mobile game.
Trade evolutions could be an interesting addition to Niantic's hit mobile game. Niantic

There is a huge possibility that Niantic will finally allow Pokémon Go players to evolve Pokémon through trading. This is according to code found within the game that seems to allude to the new feature.

The concept behind the new mechanic is actually pretty straightforward. If your Pokémon is received through a trade, you can evolve it without the burden of using candy. This is obviously a significant change to the game’s overall gameplay experience.

Right now, though, it is hard to tell just how many pocket monsters the new feature could apply to. Still, it would be welcomed by players who are having a hard time gathering the required number of candies to evolve Pokémon.

Add to this the fact that evolving Pokémon in Pokémon Go is quite costly, especially since it can cost anywhere between 12 and 400 candies. And while some Pokémon are easy to evolve, most can be an outright pain.

Interestingly, trade evolutions might coincide with the release of Generation 5 Pokémon, allowing some species from the Unova region to be compatible. If you evolve a Pokémon without trading, the process will only require you to use one candy. This, in one way or another, could suggest that evolving by trading may only apply to Gen 5 Pokémon.

Another text says that Pokémon acquired via trades will not require players to use candy in evolution. All of these in-game texts were reportedly mined by Chrales, a Pokémon Go dataminer.

Chrales also found out that the upcoming World Tourism Day, which is expected to launch come Friday, September 27, will offer a bunch of quests. It is unclear, however, whether these quests will be part of a special research quest. And if so, it is interesting to know if they will last beyond the day itself.

Here are the quests Chrales dug:

  • Make a New Friend
  • Send [x] Gifts to Friends
  • Trade Pokémon Caugh [x] km Apart

Furthermore, a brand new stone is expected to arrive and will be called the Unova Stone. It is basically a rare stone originating from the Unova region and is capable of making some Pokémon evolve.

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