Wild Terra Online March 5 Update: Lady's Day Event, General Changes, and More

Wild Terra Online Christmas Update
Wild Terra Online Christmas Update steam

Wild Terra Online developer, Juvty Worlds Ltd., recently released a new update for Lady’s Day with a new event and some general changes. For this event, the developers have added new flowers that grow in the world. You can collect these flowers but only during the event. You can also find three new female avatars and types of painting in the latest update.

The developers have also reduced the time for searching and opening any treasure, which is useful for players who have lots of treasures to open.

Wild Terra Online March 5 Update

Lady's Day Event:

  • Beautiful flowers began to grow in the world - Gerbera, Chrysanthemum, Hydrangea. They can only be gathered during the event.
  • In the "Craft" window, there is a new tab "Lady's Day." There you can make delicious heart-shaped cookies and sew a beautiful "Maiden's Cloak" or "Lady's Cloak" (only female characters can wear them) for your lady of the heart.
  • When you create a "Maiden's Cloak" or "Lady's Cloak," you can get a unique title "In Love."
  • Chest with gifts for a Lady has been added to the in-game store. In it, you can find all the items from this event.
  • Added, "Chest with gifts for a Lady" to the loot of Draemetr, Ritual Circle, and Royal Treasure.
  • Added three new female avatars (you can only find it in the "Chest with gifts for a Lady").
  • Added three new types of paintings (you can find them only in the "Chest with gifts for a Lady").

General changes:

  • Now, when collecting any ore and coal in disputed territories, 10% tribute will be collected from each player in favor of the castle located in this territory. The head of the guild that owns this castle can collect tribute at any time in the castle management window. The size of the storage for storing tribute depends on the type of castle, the better the castle, the more resources it can store.
  • Reduced amount gathered resources for the skill Carpentry and Skinning by 10%.
  • Increased Iron Ore mining by 10%.
  • The time for searching and opening any treasure has been reduced to eight hours.
  • Now you can cancel the active treasure, you can do this in the Cartography window.
  • Added additional currency to the auction: Thozorium Ore, Hare Meat, Deer Meat, Honey.
  • Now you can only do Suicide while sitting. "Accept death with dignity!"
  • Now, when catching small animals (Raven, Weasel, Hazel, Hare, Fox), the caught individual is assigned a gender.

You can read more about the update here.

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