Wild Terra Online Christmas Update

Wild Terra Online Christmas Update
Wild Terra Online Christmas Update steam

Juvty Worlds Ltd, the developer of Wild Terra Online , just released a new festive themed update. As part of the festive update, players will receive a 10% boost when mining resources. You can even decorate your dominium with Christmas themed décor, and place a Christmas tree to receive gifts.

A new snow machine is now available. It can produce snow from water to make more snowy areas, where you can mess around. Five types of Christmas mounts can be found in the Christmas surprise box. Also, a brand-new quest called Santa's Requests can be purchased through the in-game store.

Wild Terra Online Christmas Update

General changes:

  • A general rebalancing of obtaining all resources has been made to increase their value.
  • Now, when using the "Eat All" action, the duration is calculated from the amount of food you need to eat. Simply put, eating 20 apples will take longer than 2 Charlottes.

Changes to crafting, items, and quests:

  • Now requires Bronze Ingots when crafting Thozorium Smelt.
  • Reduced the number of metal ingots for creating arrowheads from 2 to 1.
  • Added to craft "Arrows with a lightweight iron tip" and "Arrows with a sharp tip".
  • Added to crafting "Light Bolas" and "Heavy Bolas".
  • Added to crafting "Shards of Warping Crystal", and now you can disassemble crystal weapons into fragments.
  • Increased the number of "Crystal Fragments" needed to create King Stele Parts from 10 to 40.
  • Changed resources for the construction of "Head Stake", they also now blacken outside the dominium.
  • Building "Auction" can no longer be built outside the dominium.
  • The rewards in the War and Worker chests have been slightly improved.
  • Made minor changes to the weekly War and Worker quests.

Changes to abilities and bonuses:

  • Now players wearing light armor spend 2 times more stamina when blocking.
  • Bonus "Protection from penetrating blows" now depends on the quality of the item.
  • Reduced the "Piercing Protection" bonus for heavy armors.
  • Rebalanced the "Slow" bonus for all heavy armor and shields.
  • Dash ability now ignores dodge and parry.
  • The "Iron Whirlwind" ability has increased its hit radius and added bleeding effect.
  • The number of arrows for the "Hail of Arrows" ability has been reduced from 10 to 5, the radius of the firing zone has been increased, the animation speed has been increased.

Weapon and Poison Changes:

  • Added a new type of bolas "Light Bolas".
  • Rebalanced all bolas.
  • Added "Battle Sling".
  • Increased the firing range of the sling by 1 cell (from 5 to 6).
  • Increased the range of the spear by 1 cell (from 5 to 6).
  • Increased the firing range of some bows by 1 cell (from 6 to 7).
  • Improved parameters for all crystal weapons and projectiles.
  • Changed stamina cost on hits for axes, swords, and heavy weapons.
  • Now any cursed weapon, when equipped, imposes a curse only once.
  • Now all ritual and cursed weapons can be upgraded with overlays.
  • Added a new type of ritual weapon - Knife and Mace.
  • Changed additional damage from poisons to monsters and animals. Now each type of poison has its own.
  • Changed the chance to poison on impact for all types of poisons and weapons.

Interface changes:

  • Added display of "Stamina cost" parameter in item descriptions.
  • Improved and expanded description of poison parameters for jars of poison.
  • Added additional parameters in the description of items in the crafting window.
  • Updated icons for all ritual weapons.

You can read more about the update here.

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