Wild Hearts May Update Introduces Alpha Sapscourge Kemono

Can you take on the new Kemono? EA

A new update is now live in Wild Hearts and one of the latest additions is a new Kemono variant known as the Alpha Sapscourge. It is said that this Kemono has remarkable vitality and brims with celestial thread which it can command at will. Those able to successfully hunt this beast can get first-rate materials which can be used to forge new weapons and armor.

This new Kemono becomes accessible for those who have completed the main story quest. Players will be asked to take care of this Sapscourge in a new Side Stories quest called "Alpha Amber Rogue."

New Quests

The May update also adds Trial Quests where players need to take on a Kemono, and they'll be equipped with predefined weapons, armor, and skills. Players get to test their skills as a hunter within these constraints and see how quickly they can complete these quests.

Since the equipment is predefined, players who go on Trial Quests won't need their own equipment, giving them a chance to try out new builds, especially those that they're not familiar with. Rewards for successfully finishing a Trial Hunt gets better the faster players subdue their target. Trial Quests are going to be added to Chapters 4 and 5.

There are also quests which feature specific Volatile Kemono added from Chapter 3 to Side Stories. To unlock these, players need to meet specific conditions.

Limit Break

Weapons and armor now also have their Attribute power and Resiliency enhanced with the use of Core Orbs. Like with Attack and Defense Limit Breaking, the number of times players can carry out such enhancements, along with the effects they have, are different for each piece of equipment.

Hunters can also use Core Orbs to change or supplement the Inherent Skills of a weapon. The new skills are given at random and based on the type of weapon. The default Inherent Skills and currently attached skills won't be included from the selection though. Once the new skills are received, the resulting skills top out at a value slightly less than any already attached Inherent Skill.

Weapons will be eligible for a third Inherent Skill. Any skill in this third slot is significantly lower, however. In addition, skills having values below a certain level or skills that don't have a value to start with can't occupy the third slot.

Wild Hearts was released in February 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC through the RA App, Epic Games Store, and Steam.

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