New Wild Hearts Gameplay Trailer Shows the Golden Tempest in Action

can you take on the Golden Tempest?
can you take on the Golden Tempest? EA

A new gameplay trailer has been released for Wild Hearts. This time, it gives us a closer look at one of the most ferocious Kemono in the game and it’s none other than the Golden Tempest, which we see in action. This creature is a giant nature-infused tiger and wields golden wind so that it can protect its territory.

The extended gameplay footage shows a team of hunters fighting against this Golden Tempest. As this creature roars, leaps, and whips its tail around the hunting ground, players can use the Karakuri crafting technology and adapt their battle plan and attack strategies to defend Azuma successfully.

You can watch the new gameplay trailer below:

The Lore

According to lore, some travelers are wary of the wind because they're worried that it could be the Golden Tempest. This creature has now been sighted in Azuma and said that it has made the Golden Sea in the north as its home. The powers of this creature come from a fusion of different natural elements, where tempestuous wind is mixed with precious flakes of pure gold.

The organs of the Golden Tempest, for some reason, can produce gold by simply compressing the air inside its body. Because it's a rare creature able to produce gold from nothing, it's become something revered to bring wealth to those who see it.

By using the surrounding air, the Golden Tempest fights by changing the direction of its own movement. It does this by blowing air out of its vents located all over its body, letting it fly in some sense.

The Golden Tempest utilizes melee attacks with the strength of a gale and likes to take control of the battle by using air currents to change not only its position and movement speed but also of the hunter. When facing it in close combat, be sure to watch out for paw swipes, bite strikes, claws, spinning, and slams. Even from a distance, players aren't safe because of the swinging tail and wind blades.

Wild Hearts is coming out this February 17 on PC through Steam, Epic Games Store, and Origin, and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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