New Wild Hearts New Trailer Gives Us a Peek at Minato Village

Time to meet the people who can help.
Time to meet the people who can help. EA

With the release of Wild Hearts just around the corner, we're getting another look into what the game has to offer with a new trailer. This time, we're taken to Minato, the central village of Azuma and serves as the home base of players.

This latest trailer introduces us to some of the most important characters in the village. These allies will play an important role in winning over the Kemono that's been rampaging in the city's landscape and threatening their homes. Once these Kemono are defeated, these fearsome creatures give up their Celestial Thread that can then be used by hunters to weave them together for whatever purpose. Of course, with the help of the ancient Karakuri technology, players get to protect the village and people of Minato from catastrophe.

You can watch the new trailer below:

Here are some of the characters that players can meet in the village.

  • Ujishige Daidouji
    • A former Samurai who spends most of his time drinking.
    • He’s a good source of many tall tales and the occasional hunting tip.
  • Natsume
    • The village blacksmith.
    • She’ll help upgrade weapons and armor.
    • She can also forge new gear from materials brought back from hunts.
  • Suzuran
    • A scientist, a scholar, and the Junior Leader of the Farmers’ guild.
    • She's dedicated to uncovering the mystery of the Karakuri.
    • She has been studying the Kemono for many years to find a use for their nature-altering abilities.
  • Seren
    • The Master of the Carpenter’s Guild.
    • Serves as the contact for all construction projects in Minato.
  • Mujina
    • A traveling musician who shows up when you least expect him.
  • Nobumitsu Tsumori
    • Leader of the Fishermen’s Guild.
    • He offers side jobs to take on.
  • Yatarō
    • Junior Leader of the Crafts Guild and an accomplished crafter of ornaments.
    • He’ll help players look their best with custom cosmetics.
  • Kōgyoku
    • Proprietor of the Crimson Treasury.
    • It’s the place to buy and sell important items.
  • Tamakazura
    • Proprietor of Minato’s bathhouse.
    • This is where to get those healing baths or helpful boosts.
  • Toga-Hime
    • She may be 12 years old but her royal upbringing resulted in her having the skills and confidence to be Minato’s steward.
    • She oversees the affairs of the town and is the one awarding new Hunter ranks as players progress through the story.

Wild Hearts is coming this February 17 to PC through Steam, Epic Games Store, and Origin, and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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