Where Is Xur? ‘Destiny’ Location And Items For March 17

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Destiny Photo: iDigitalTimes

It’s Xur day, Destiny fans!

This week, Xur can be found standing in the Hall of Guardians.

The Age of Triumph, the last in-game event being prepared for Bungie’s shared-world shooter, gets closer by the day. Fans are preparing themselves for one last round of activities before the long wait for Destiny 2 begins. Last week, we learned all of the raids in Destiny will get refreshed one last time and new armor will be attainable in each. And our latest sneak peek at the Age of Triumph offered an early look at the weekly activities we’ll be able to complete during the event. But without a new Light cap, the importance of Xur’s weekly visit is beginning to wane for many. That doesn’t mean the Agent of the Nine is going to take a week off though.

Last week wasn’t exactly the best in Xur’s two and a half year history. The Agent of the Nine returned with items the entire Destiny community should be very familiar with by now, including the Empyrean Bellicose and Knucklehead Radar. Even last week’s exotic weapon, Truth, has lost most of its luster at this point. But who knows. Maybe there are still a few players out there trying to round out their exotic equipment selections before the Destiny sequel heads to consoles later this year.

  • Here’s everything Xur is selling the Destiny community March 17 - 19:

The Glasshouse

  • Defense: 350
  • Intellect: 46
  • Discipline: 45

Shinobu's Vow

  • Defense: 350
  • Discipline: 72

The Ram

  • Defense: 350
  • Intellect: 46
  • Strength: 42


  • Attack: 350
  • Magazine: 4

Legacy Engram - Leg Armor

Exotic Shards

As always, Xur has plenty of other goodies for Destiny players to spend their Strange Coins, too. In addition to the exotic wares, the Agent of the Nine is also selling a handful of other curios, including Three of Coins stacks! And Destiny players will also find the usual legendary Sparrows upgrades, with blue and purple contrails available this week, along with Motes of Light, Heavy Ammo Synthesis (in stacks of three and 10) and Glass Needles.

Destiny: Rise Of Iron is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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