When Will Blizzard Announce Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019?

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Halloween is fast approaching and we can't help but wonder when the next Overwatch Halloween Terror will be.
Halloween is fast approaching and we can't help but wonder when the next Overwatch Halloween Terror will be. Blizzard

When it comes to events, Overwatch has the most exciting ones in the genre. Seriously, Blizzard has had success with almost all events it introduced in the game. That is why fans are always looking forward to new ones. In fact, their eyes are already set on the upcoming holiday-themed event, called Halloween Terror 2019.

Unfortunately, Blizzard has yet to announce an official launch date for this year’s Halloween-themed event. The studio has kept everything under wraps, especially about the new character skins. Interestingly, events in the game typically follow the same release schedule each year. The game introduced its first Halloween Terror in October, with the event officially starting on Oct. 11. Every year since then, the event took place a day earlier and ended around the same time in early November.

Considering the schedule Blizzard followed for the past Halloween Terror events, it is safe to assume that this year’s Overwatch Halloween Terror might begin in roughly two weeks. That should be around October 9.

As soon as the highly anticipated event starts, Overwatch players can expect the return of Junkenstein’s Revenge. This is the annual PvE game mode that pits four players against a wave of monsters. Since everything is still uncertain, it is possible that Blizzard might introduce a new mode to commemorate this year’s Halloween-themed event. And if so, then it could be the very first change the studio has made since introducing the first Halloween Terror event.

On top of this, Overwatch fans will be introduced to a sea of skins and cosmetics. And, as always, they will be heavily-themed for the upcoming event. And before the actual launch of this year’s Halloween Terror event, you can expect the studio to gradually release previews of skins and cosmetics leading up to the launch of the event.

For now, make sure to stay tuned to get the latest updates about this year’s Halloween event.

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