What Is The Razer Tomahawk That Was Announced At CES 2020?

Razer Tomahawk
Razer Tomahawk LiliPuting

If you're new to the world of PC gaming, you probably feel quite intimidated to build a powerful gaming PC. With all the cables, components, and slots to take care of, building a gaming PC can be quite difficult to navigate for a beginner. If you don't know what you're doing, it could easily end up a costly mess.

To make the PC building process easier, Razer took to CES 2020 to announce the Razer Tomahawk, which essentially is a gaming desktop. The Razer Tomahawk is a compact gaming PC solution that makes upgrading components very easy and requires no tools at all.

Razer Tomahawk
Razer Tomahawk Razer

The Razer Tomahawk uses a chassis that can be opened from the rear with a lock-and-slide mechanism that allows easy accessibility to the PC's internals. Looking at Razer Tomahawk's sleek and discreet design, it is understandable that the chassis will only be compatible with specific PC components. However, the Razer Tomahawk can easily accommodate an Intel Core-i9 processor, 64GB of DDR4 RAM, and a beefy GeForce RTX 2080 Super GPU. Razer has also stated that the RAM and SSD modules can be easily upgraded, as well as the case fans and GPU.

The Tomahawk's chassis also features tempered glass on both sides, offering views of the system's interior. The body of this case is entirely made from aluminum, featuring open vents at the top to keep the chassis cool.

The Razer Tomahawk will be available for configuration and purchase sometime in Q1/Q2 2020. You would also be able to buy the Tomahawk N1 as a standalone case to build your own gaming PC from scratch. However, the pricing information for the Razer Tomahawk has yet to be reveiled, so we'll update you as soon as we find out.

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