Watch ‘Empire’ Season 3 Episode 12 Premiere Online: What Will Happen In ‘Strange Bedfellows’

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In Empire Season 3, episode 12, which airs at 8 p.m. EDT Wednesday, tension has risen between the Lyons family and Anika after she was approached by Tariq to testify against Cookie for her involvement in a host of crimes.

The FBI has been investigating Lucious for several of murders. As his wife, Anika cannot testify against him. However, Tariq knows that Cookie also has information about the crimes Lucious has committed. He attempts to Anika to reveal details about Cookie.

While Tariq attempted to force Anika to give up information she may have via a subpoena in episode 11, Anika did not keep her appointment. She instead tells Lucious what is going on and Lucious is not happy.

An episode 12 sneak peak shows Lucious that kicks Anika out of their home while keeping custody of Bella, Anika's daughter with Hakeem and Lucious’ granddaughter. Anika must attempt to deceive Tariq in order to get back in  Lucious’ good graces and get her daughter back.

Will Anika be able to trick Tariq and save her position in the Lyon family? We will find out more during Empire Season 3 episode 12, “Strange Bedfellows,” which is best viewed on television or live online through Fox Now.

Hakeem is celebrating his 21st birthday at one of Lucious’ clubs, but the night goes awry and Hakeem calls it his worst birthday party ever. However, the incident could be a turning point for Hakeem to realize he needs to mature and not be concerned only with partying and a flashy lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Jamal’s friendship with D-Major could possibly threaten his budding relationship, as well as his sobriety. Cookie warns him to be careful about his unresolved feelings for D-Major. Jamal similarly warms his mother to be careful about her unresolved feelings for Lucious.

Empire Season 3 Episode 12 premiere airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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