Watch ‘Empire’ Season 3 Episode 11 Premiere Online: What Will Happen In ‘Play On’

Lucious and Cookie
Lucious and Cookie Fox

Empire Season 3, episode 11, which airs at 8 p.m. EDT Wednesday, brings a new wave of drama after the mid-season premiere. With Jamal now out of rehab, if is back in the studio and has brought with him his friend Tory, who is also a musician. Jamal seems a lot more comfortable making music again; however, Tory is urging him to let go of his perfectionism. In an episode 11 sneak peek, she plays him a rift on a bass guitar, which Jamal thinks is “too dirty.” However, Cookie thinks the rift needs more grit. It appears Tory is now a part of the Empire recording family, so viewers can expect to see more of her.

While some Lyons make music, others may have to make themselves scarce due to threats from the police. Tariq continues to dig into crimes surrounding the Lyon family by offering Anika witness protection to testify against Cookie. She cannot testify against Lucious because the two are married, but Cookie is also knowledgeable about details surrounding the deaths of people including Frank Gathers, Jamel Stokes, Bam Bam King and Teddy McNally; all gang bangers who had unfortunate crossings with Lucious. In an episode 11 sneak peek, Tariq serves Anika with a subpoena and encourages her to keep her appointment under a thinly veiled threat.

Meanwhile, Lucious and Cookie continue to play their game of mutually unrequited feelings, despite both being in a relationship.

During Season 3 viewers can expect Cookie’s boyfriend Angelo to propose, while Lucious has tension with Andre’s new friend Julianna, who appears to also have a deep-rooted connection to Empire. It appears Lucious and Julianna will have a romantic involvement, as often happens with Lucious and beautiful women in his midst.

The Season will include a host of new cast members, including Phylicia Rashad, Eva Longoria, Nia Long and Demi Moore.

Empire Season 3 Episode 11 premiere airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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