Watch ‘Empire’ Season 3 Episode 10 ‘Sound And Fury’ Premiere Online: Will Jamal Relapse Into His Addiction?

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Jamal Lyon was shot during Season 2 episode 17 of "Empire." Fox

In Empire Season 3, episode 10, which airs at 8 p.m. EST Wednesday, Jamal has fallen off the wagon and gone missing after having been encouraged by his family to go to rehab for his prescription addiction. After being shot in Season 2, Jamal has been taking medication for anxiety. However, in Season 3 his pill issue has become an issue, with him overdosing in earlier episodes.

Jamal was afraid to perform again since being shot. However, he agreed to perform at an event for Angelo Dubois at the request of his mother Cookie. Reluctantly Cookie fished some of Jamal’s pill out of the kitchen drain so he could perform, but the family staged an intervention immediately following and Jamal agreed to get help.

But in the coming episode of Empire, Jamal may have a bad influence who gets him in trouble. He meets another artist, named Tory, in rehab and based on an episode preview, the Lyon family does not like her, especially Cookie. When Jamal goes missing, the family is eventually able to track him down at a crack house with Tory, trying to get drugs.

Will the Lyons be able to get to Jamal before he does something dangerous? We will find out more during Empire Season 3 episode 10, “Sound And Fury,” which is best viewed on television or live online through Fox Now.

Meanwhile, Lucious and Cookie are at odds once again after Lucious partnered up with a reporter to get Angelo to admit an incident that occurred in his teens than lead to a woman’s death. Despite being legally married to Anika, Lucious has been jealous of Cookie’s relationship with Angelo and has made this move to tarnish his attempt at running for mayor. Now that Lucious is on Cookie’s bad side, once more, he intends to replace her as A&R of Empire Records. Though the identity of the person has not yet been revealed, episode 10 previews hint that the person may be Anika.

For Anikka, this would be a return to a role she held when she and Lucious were originally together. Many people stand to be upset at this decision, including Becky, who has long been vying for the position. Though she is currently A&R of Empire’s subsidiary label,  Gutter Life Records, Becky really wanted to be in charge of talent for the main record label.

The Empire mid-season premiere airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Fox.


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