Warstride Challenges: Update 3 Adds Carabine and Stomp to Level Editor

Update 3
Update 3 Steam

Warstride Challenges is a community-driven, first-person shooter where players will compete and face increasingly difficult challenges in Nemesis Mode with their friends or foes. This game also features a Level Editor that allows players to create their own content to share with the community.

Anyway, the developers launched Update 3 recently, which added the Carabine weapon and new “Stomp” power to the Level Editor. The former is available in the weapon selection menu, while the latter is found in the power selection.

The latest patch for Warstride Challenges added four new BFL (Big Fun Levels) to Chapters 1 and 2 as well. These new levels are available for the Crypt and Ruins on Very Hard difficulty.


  • Additions
    • Ruins-16 Very Hard heavily modified (Scores and Ghosts for the level have been reset)
  • Improvements
    • Improved tunnel collisions in Ruins-21
  • Bug Fixes
    • The slide animation has been fixed.
    • We can't create a profile after sending a name request offline
    • Quick scrolling through the leaderboards jumbles the text
    • Tab doesn't cycle correctly when using A and E in the level selection menu
    • Closing the community level window after leaving a level bring back the chapter selection menu
    • Bunny Hop II: Main level medals are displayed on the score screen instead of "A,B,C" medals
    • When players have too many weapons the 5th one will not appear in the bottom right corner
    • Using "Return to menu" in the pause menu should bring back to the Main Menu
  • Accessibility
    • New button icon was added for when a button is off
    • Button icon changes with the color when activated
    • The Lever Activation sound is now louder
  • Additions
    • Activation Delay: Delays activation of all linked elements
    • Reset: Removes all linked elements
    • Added additional Logic to enemy spawns:
    • Activation Delay: Delays enemy spawn time in seconds
    • Is Optional Spawner: The enemy does not need to be killed to finish the level
    • Turret Mode: Enemies remain in place of their spawn
  • Improvements
    • Right-side panel has been reworked:
    • New UI (Not final design)
    • Separate sections for Game Rules, Loadout, and Logic
    • Trigger boxes and enemies now fall under Logic in the Side Panel
    • Enemies linked to a trigger box are now labeled
  • Bug Fixes
    • Load and Delete buttons disappear if the map name is too long
    • Help panel remains when opening the settings menu
    • Directional controls stop working after using the level editor guide link
    • You can overwrite your previous level if you quit to the main menu and restart a new map
    • Can't go back with the cursor in the Submit level textbox
    • Added helpers are out of step with the preview
    • Camera and Shortcuts become locked after canceling a level submission

Warstride Challenges Update 3 is available on PC.

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