WARNO: Patch v.80353 Adds New Maps and Improvements


Patch v.80353 for WARNO, aka BESSIERES Update, is now available on PC. This update introduces two new maps to the game.

Rift is one of the new maps introduced in the BESSIERES update that features night lighting - a first in WARNO. This map has two plateaus in the north and south that run along the center. Rift gives players extended lines of sight that they can use to their advantage. Furthermore, choke points have been drastically reduced to help forces pass through various areas on the map without a hitch.

New Map: Rift
New Map: Rift Steam

The BESSIERES Update also brings another map called Crown. This map is specifically-designed for 10v10 battles and is filled with a large number of command zones, which are intended to test the players’ skill in terms of micro-management.

New Map: Crown
New Map: Crown Steam

Patch v.80353 brings new improvements and balancing changes as well, some of which can be found below:

  • Adding an AUTO SUPPLY smart order: a supply unit will then automatically move to resupply any friendly unit with under 30% ammo or having suffered a critical hit
  • Adding M1038 HUMVEE (troop carrier) as troop transport replacing the M35 in 82nd AB
  • New infantry models for KDA infantry
  • New smart order "auto supply"
  • AI will use SEAD-capable aircraft more appropriately. This is a work in progress, a better version is being worked on
  • AI on-foot command units will wait until they are close to their target command zone before getting out of their transport.
  • AI command units will follow the safest path when fleeing a lost command zone
  • adjusted camera settings in the armory
  • Improved the multiple selection panel (bottom middle of the screen when having multiple units selected)
  • In a lobby, your red/green button is now clickable to toggle between "Ready" and "Not Ready" states
  • All M151 jeep's HP set at 4
  • All UAZ jeep's HP set at 4
  • All Iltis jeep's HP set at 4
  • All P4 jeep's HP set at 4
  • All Humvee (heavy) jeep's HP set at 6
  • Increased all armored jeeps max damage to 6
  • Increased all unarmed trucks' price from 15 to 20
  • Increased all unarmed jeeps' price from 10 to 20
  • Decreased flamethrowers (hand-held and vehicles ones) s aim time from 6 to 4, but reload time increased from 6 to 8
  • Decreased TOW 2 accuracy from 70 to 65%
  • Increased M106A2's salvo from 4 to 5
  • Normalized UK and BEL's SCIMITAR's autocannon ammo to 160
  • Normalized UK and BEL's SCORPION's main gun ammo to 40
  • (3AD) Added M1038 Humvee as a transport option for Fire Teams
  • (8ID) Added M1038 Humvee as a transport option for Fire Teams

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

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