WARNO: Patch 6 Features Two New Maps and Single-player Version of Death Row


The Mount River and Two Lakes maps are some of the latest content in WARNO. Patch 6 also features a single-player version of the Death Row map.

WARNO is a real-time strategy game where you take control of some Cold-War era armed forces aligned to NATO, including the U.S.A, West Germany, United Kingdom, and France. You can engage in intense battles against the AI in 1v1 combat or play against other people in various multiplayer modes.

New Content

Mount River is an 83-square kilometer map specifically designed for 3v3 combat. It features three lakes at the center, providing several checkpoints that need to be secured before you can proceed. The map has varied terrain, which includes forests, plateaus, and urban areas spread all over.

Mount River Map
Mount River Map Steam

In addition, Two Lakes is a 2v2 map surrounded by fields and has two towns at the center. You get the best chance of winning if you can secure the town closest to the central kill zone, fortify your defenses, and keep the enemy at bay.

Two Lakes Map
Two Lakes Map Steam

Anyway, the community had been asking for a single-player variant of the Death Row map, and the good thing is that the developers have delivered. The playable area has been shrunk, giving you a more focused and intense battlefield than the original.

Patch Notes

  • Transports can now use the smart orders of the units they transport. For instance, an unarmed transport can Seize a location if it transports infantry
  • Added a time limit option to lobbies: 20, 30, 40, 60 minutes or "No time limit"
  • Stun effect doesn't prevent from moving anymore
  • Decreased 107/120mm mortars' RoF (Rate of Fire)
  • Infantry AT weapons (RPG and bazookas) now are more efficient (no AP changes, but damage calculation same as WRD)
  • Mi-8T (transport) can't be refunded (just like Bradleys)
  • Added HE (High-explosive) round to M67 RCL
  • Increased M1 ABRAMS's price from 140 to 150
  • Increased M1 ABRAMS CMD's price from 240 to 250
  • Fixed Rangers' optics
  • Fixed a bug where a missile would go through the target without damaging it, occurring when the distance between shooter and target was too short
  • Fixed being able to use a smart order through the shortcut even though it wasn't available for the selected unit
  • Fixed missiles sometimes went through their target when they were fired too close
  • Fixed being able to spawn helicopters in forests. This also fixes the permanent furtivity bonus they would gain from a forest spawn
  • Fixed in-game player list not compatible with 10v10
  • Fixed bombers being able to bomb flying helicopters
  • Fixed a performance issue that would get worse the longer the game goes when AI (or smart orders of a real player) tried to unload a helicopter

WARNO Patch 6 is available on PC.

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