Warhammer Underworld: Online Patch 053 Ends Ranked Season and Fixes Bugs

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Warhammer Underworld: Online latest patch went live yesterday. Patch 053: Season of Gore ends the Ranked Season and fixes several bugs. Players who reached at least five ranks in the first ranked season will gain rewards. Players who reached "exalted" during the ranked season will also get rewards. The rank of every player will be lowered by five.

The rest of the patch notes are mentioned below, including two known issues reported by developers.

Patch 053: Season of Gore

Bug Fixes

  • Channeled Step no longer passes through lethal hexes.
  • Inevitable Advance won't score when all fighters are dead.
  • The Patrician won't inspire if there are no other living friendly fighters.
  • Murderpact now requires at least one support to give +1 damage.
  • Bitter Strength will now stack with Great Strength.
  • Heart Piercer only affects attacks with 2 Range.
  • Piercing Blow now works with cards that grant cleave.
  • Sorcerous Riposte won't cause the game to freeze if there are no wizards left alive after the attack and push back.
  • Fixes to the scoring of Vengeance of Nagash, Flawless Strategy, Victory after Victory, Master of War, and Scythed Down under certain conditions
  • Enervating Beat properly discards itself.
  • Pall of Fear no longer applies its negative status to the character equipping it for activation.
  • Fevered Beat now applies correctly and can’t be used if The Patrician is dead.
  • Loyal Companion now allows the player to pass instead of forcing the player to push a fighter.
  • Storm of Celestus Upgrade icons are now correctly scaled.
  • Correction to Sleek's Attack damage.
  • Correction to Aphus's Defence statistic.

Known Issues

  • The ploy Lightning Flare prevents the objective Point Blank from scoring.
  • Card art and attack FX are still intermittently disappearing, however, we’re working on a fix for this.

The complete patch notes are mentioned on Steam.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Are there any other bugs that you want developers to fix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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