Warhammer Underworlds: Online Patch 050 - Universal Card Release 05, New Board, QoL Changes, and More

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Warhammer Underworlds: Online Universal Card Update is now live on PC. The Card Release 05 brings several new objectives, gambits, and upgrades. Also, players will receive a new board called Animus Forge.

The Patch 050 made several quality-of-life changes as well. There's no longer a time limit on turns in friendly matches, and both bot and friendly matches will reward the player with XP to help them get warband cosmetics. Players will now see the opponent’s dice rolls and played cards for a longer period.

The update also brought some bug fixes, which you can read below.

Patch 050: From the Heart of the Forge


  • Universal Card Release 05.
  • New board: Animus Forge.
  • Redeem Code.
  • Quality of Life changes.
  • Bug Fixes.

Universal Card Release 05

  • Objectives: Contained, Cover Ground, Determined Defender, Miraculous Escape, No Remorse, Overextended, Perfect Planning, Pure Carnage, Skirting Danger, Superior Tactician, The Bigger They Are, and Unbroken Wall.
  • Gambits: Blinding Flash, Curious Inversion, Daylight Robbery, Earthquake, Commanding Strike, Premonition, Quick Advance, and Tyrant’s Command.
  • Upgrades: Headlong Charge, Second-in-command, Shardcaller, Swift Strike, Tethered Spirit, Trickster’s Charm, Unparalleled Strike, and Warcry.

New Board

  • Added Animus Forge.

Redeem Code

  • Added a Redeem Code field for secret future goodies.

Quality of Life changes

  • Friendly matches no longer have time limits on turns.
  • Friendly and Bot matches award progression XP towards warband cosmetic unlocks.
  • Opponent’s dice rolls and played cards are displayed longer.
  • New, easier to grasp starter decks for Steelheart’s Champions and Magore’s Fiends.
  • Updated board placement rules to be in line with current Championship Format rules (minimum number of complete hexes connecting boards increased from three to four when laying boards long edge against long edge).

Bug Fixes

  • Removed starter decks for unowned warbands for new players.
  • Fixed attacks that gain Cleave when rolling a critical symbol.
  • Fixed Inescapable Vengeance being discarded after a Move action.
  • Fixed the interaction between Ready for Action and Sneaky Stab-stab.
  • Fixed the little wiggle when given the option to re-roll dice.

You can read the complete patch notes and the list of known issues on the official site.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Did you like the QoL changes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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