Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Players Can Now Extract Weapon Blessings in Patch 4

Patch 4
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Do you have a lot of unused weapons that are just collecting dust in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide? Well, in Patch 4, you can now extract a weapon’s Blessing at the Shrine of Omnissiah.

For the uninitiated, weapons in Darktide have unique traits called Blessings that make them stand out. Crucian Roulette, for example, is a Blessing that increases your critical chance by 2% to 5% for each empty chamber in your weapon.

That said, you can now extract Blessings in Patch 4 so you can place them on your favorite weapons, making them even stronger.

To extract a Blessing, just head over to the Shrine of Omnissiah and select the “Earn Blessing” option. After that, choose the weapon that has the specific Blessing you want to extract then press “Surrender Weapon.” Keep in mind that you will lose the weapon in the process, so you have to be absolutely sure to place the correct one that you’re willing to sacrifice.

Once you’ve extracted a Blessing, you can apply this on any of your favorite weapons by choosing the “Re-Bless” option at the shrine. Since weapons in Darktide can only have a couple of Blessings on them, you must select an existing Blessing you want to replace with the newly extracted one.

This new system allows you to tailor a specific weapon to your playstyle, so it’s a welcome addition indeed.

New Feature: Re-Bless
New Feature: Re-Bless Fatshark

Patch 4 adds emotes to the game as well. Holding the jump key opens up the wheel that shows you the emotes you have equipped. These are the emotes currently available in Darktide:

  • Veteran, Psyker, Zealot:
    • Wave
    • Thumbs Up
    • No
    • Squat
    • Kneel
  • Ogryn:
    • Wave
    • Thumbs Up
    • Nah ah
    • Safety First
    • Kneel

Patch Notes

  • The Mission Board will see an increase in the number of available Missions that appear. We are increasing them from 12 to 16 available Missions.
  • The balance of difficulty, maps, and Conditions / Side Missions has also been adjusted to account for the increase in availability. Timers for regular Missions on the board have been decreased to a max of 15 minutes.
  • The rewards for Side Missions and Conditions are no longer the same values, and have now been individualized. This means that both Side Missions and Conditions will award different amounts of XP and Dockets, which will also increase in total amount awarded with a higher difficulty chosen.
  • The availability of crafting materials found within the Mission has been increased:
    • Plasteel:
      • Uprising from 195 to 205
      • Malice from 255 to 265
      • Heresy from 300 to 440
      • Damnation from 395 to 805
    • Diamantine:
      • Uprising from 30 to 40
      • Malice from 95 to 125
      • Heresy from 170 to 195
      • Damnation from 295 to 300
  • A number of visual updates have been applied to the character creation screens:
    • Class selection has received an update in the UI.
    • Updated several UI elements such as buttons and scroll indicators to be consistent with the rest of the game.
    • When selecting a home system, the camera will now pan smoothly from one planet to the next.

So, what can you say about the new Blessing Extraction feature in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Patch 4?

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