Warframe: Citrine Now Ready to Support Her Allies in Update 32.3

The 52nd Warframe: Citrine
The 52nd Warframe: Citrine Digital Extremes

Digital Extremes has deployed the newest mainline update for Warframe recently. Update 32.3 introduces a lot of things, but it is highlighted by the arrival of Citrine, the 52nd Warframe in the game.

Citrine’s kit mainly focuses on providing support for her allies. For instance, her passive Geoluminesence grants nearby allies health regeneration over time. The effect can be enhanced, regenerating up to 25 HP per second when she picks up enough Health Orbs. This synergizes really well with her Fractured Blast ability.

Her Fractured Blast damages and staggers enemies with a crystal blast that inflicts bleed. Enemies unfortunate enough to be afflicted with this status effect, indicated by the small crystal floating above their heads, have an increased chance of dropping Health and Energy Orbs. Using Fractured Blast whenever possible should give Citrine enough Health Orbs to easily enhance her passive to the max.

If the going gets tough, Citrine can protect herself and nearby allies with a crystalline shell courtesy of her Preserving Shell ability. This is a damage reduction ability where kills and assists made while it is active increase the defensive power of the shell, so playing proactively is definitely rewarded.

Now for the offensive side of things, Citrine can deploy a Prismatic Gem that shoots beams at enemies that are taking weapon damage from herself and her allies. The beams from the gem can inflict several status effects, including Heat, Cold, Toxin, and Electricity. Moreover, nearby allies gain an increase in status chance and status duration.

And lastly, Crystallize lets Citrine summon crystal fractals. These fractals seek enemies and those touched by them are paralyzed by crystalline growths. Shooting at these growths deals increased damage to the affected enemy.

Now, Citrine comes with a couple of signature weapons. The first is Steflos - a shotgun that fires large Heat energy projectiles that can decimate enemies in just a few shots. When Citrine wields the Steflos, the shotgun gains increased projectile speed.

The new Corufell is a Heavy Scythe that briefly transforms into a Gunblade when initiating heavy attacks. After firing the Gunblade, it turns back to its Heavy Scythe state. The transformation speed is faster when this weapon is used by Citrine.

Aside from Citrine, there is a new node on Mars called Tyana Pass. This node can be unlocked by completing the Heart of Deimos quest.

Warframe players will engage in Mirror Defense on Tyana Pass, similar to a typical defense mission where players must protect a defense target from hordes of enemies. In this case, players must protect two targets: Rania’s Crystal and Belric’s Crystal.

More information about Tyana Pass can be found on the official website.

So, what can you say about the newest Warframe, Citrine?

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