Warframe: Echoes of Veilbreaker Update 32.1 Features Ember Starter Pack

Ember Starter Pack
Ember Starter Pack Twitter/@PlayWarframe

New Warframe players do not have to settle with mediocre frames as Digital Extremes feature the Ember Starter Pack, now available on all platforms for just $9.99.

To get this, players must download the recently released Update 32.1. The Ember Starter Pack is a bundle that includes the Warframe Ember, Nikana sword, Ember Phoenix helmet, and Essential Heat Damage Mod bundle. PC players who purchase the Ember Starter Pack will get 200 Platinum as well.

Developer Digital Extremes have also implemented some improvements to PC/Xbox cross-platform play in Update 32.1. A numeric suffix has been added that allows players to invite others even when they have the same in-game name. This suffix can be found on the player's profile.

Another notable change is that Dojos in Warframe now behave the same way as Relays in terms of cross-platform play. This means that if two PC players are on the same clan but only one of them has the said feature enabled, they will no longer see each other in the Dojo anymore. This is to prevent certain issues like when the player with cross-platform play turned on invites an Xbox player.

Here are the other things implemented in this patch:

  • Added a workaround for Windows and Xbox to reduce the impact of misconfigured IPv6 networks causing stalls when joining sessions that could be long enough to force you to drop from the squad.
  • Players from the same platform will not see platform icons next to their names.
  • Changed the platform logos to be more generic in order to comply with platform guidelines around player identification. As a result, PC and Xbox users will see a small human silhouette instead of the previous Windows and Xbox icons while Cross Platform Play is enabled. This was a necessary step in continuing to develop this feature.
  • Fixed getting the “Unable to join Maroo's Bazaar while in a squad with other platforms.” error message when attempting to join a Host’s Orbiter from a different platform.
  • Fixed PC Clients experiencing black screens and loss of functionality when hosted by Xbox players if the squad loads into Maroo’s Bazaar from the Navigation screen.
  • Added a “Weapons Enabled” toggle to disable weapons on Operator/Drifter.
  • The options panel will now go transparent when the cursor is not hovering over it so that you can see scene details when you are not actively making adjustments.
  • Added a “This setting needs to be ON to use this feature: Film Grain” pop-up when attempting to change Grain while the Film Grain option is toggled off in the options panel.
  • Fixed changes made to the Fade option for cameras in Captura not saving upon exiting the camera settings.

So, are you going to get the Ember Starter Pack in Warframe?

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